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Team Time Trials 

Road Bike Team Time Trials 2023

There will be three events in 2023.  Watch this space for info.


On the good old Cheltenham and County 10-mile course, which is classic, honest, rural out-and-backer.  


Will I like it?

The events are usually a sell-out with 60 riders competing. There is a range of male, female and mixed teams. For many, this is their first-ever time trial. For those more experienced, it is often the best fun they will have all season in a TT.  There is always a brilliant, friendly, atmosphere. There is something special about the camaraderie of racing as a team. 


  1. teams of two, three or four can enter

  2. all riders should be on regular road bikes and follow the road bike rules

  3. the team time is taken from the last rider to cross the finish line


  • The events are very popular, and entry in advance is needed - info to follow

  • Each rider then simply signs on as normal on the night

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