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2023 Season

Weekly time trials every Thursday, open to members & non-members, young and old.

Visit the calendar page for dates and essential information.


  • ​A rural, rolling ten-mile course that has been in constant use since the 1930s

  • Road bike and TT bike classifications

  • Road Bike Team Time Trials, where you can compete in teams of two, three or four

  • Welcoming to tandems and any bike you like!


Contact the TT Captain Harry Walton if you have any questions. You can also join our facebook page .


Where to go

All the dates and locations are on the calendar pagePlease cycle to the HQ if possible – it is a good warm-up. If you do drive, please only park in the designated areas.

Before you arrive: Pre-register your details

You need to pre-register online anytime before signing on at your first event of the season. You only need to do it once per year. It can be done at any time, even when waiting in the queue!

Registration is free and simple. Collecting these details in advance speeds things up on the night. It also means we can let you know about last-minute event changes due to roadworks and weather, which always happen a few times each season.

On the night: Signing on and paying

You can sign on between 6 pm and 6.45 pm, with the race starting at 7 pm. There will be plenty of folks there to answer questions and show you what to do.

All you need to do is provide a signature and pay your entry fee. You’ll then be given your race number and start time.

The costs are £6 for adults and £3 for those under 18.  Card payments only!

We may have to limit rider numbers depending on daylight hours and the weather, though this is incredibly rare.

Pin your number on

You should pin your number before you start. Place it as low on your back/rear as possible so the timekeeper can see it when you cross the finish line.

Lights and Helmets

You must wear a helmet and have front and rear lights in operation at the start of your race – this is a new requirement to increase road visibility and safety. No exceptions can be made.

Parental Consent

​You must be at least 14 years old to enter. Under-18s need to provide a parental consent form. You only need to submit this form once, at your first event of the year.


Click here for a copy of the parental consent form. Printed copies will be available on the day, but only if you have your parent/guardian with you to sign the form.

Getting to the start

Usually, allow 10 minutes to get from the HQ to the start. Check the route in advance.

Try not to get there too early! Having too many riders at the start can cause congestion and potential safety issues. 


The best riders usually give themselves 30 minutes, so they have time for a warm-up.  Ask others on the night for the best places to ride for a warm-up. Never warm up on the course itself

If you are unsure, don't be afraid to ask on the night. We are always very pleased to help!

Racing and pacing

Trying to find the correct pacing strategy is what time trialling is all about! The best general advice is to start very steadily and build your speed over the first mile. Then ride consistently, before emptying the tanks in the last mile. 

There is a short climb up to the turn – go slightly harder here but don’t go crazy! You can use the descent to catch your breath. If you start too ferociously, you’ll just go into the red zone and will suffer badly. It’s much more fun to finish strongly rather than be in agony for 9 miles! But you might decide this is the best route to success – it's up to you. Good luck!!

Please remember:

  • Ride on the left-hand side of the road 

  • Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted. If another rider catches you, you must let them continue on and not try and jump on their wheel.

  • When you cross the ‘Finish Line’  shout out your race number to the timekeeper.

  • After finishing the event, return to the HQ to give your number back and get your time. Please do not stop and see the timekeeper at the finish line.


Catch your breath

Most folk head back to the HQ to swap notes on their rides and have a chat.


Return your race number

You really must return to the HQ to give your number back and so we know you have safely completed the event. If not, we will get in touch with your emergency contact.  Please don't forget or the organisers will be after you!


Results are available at the HQ after the last rider has finished and then on the club website  (usually) later that evening.

There is always Strava too..

Incidents and Emergencies

If there is a serious incident, you must dial 999 - it's always advisable to carry your mobile phone. Basic first aid is available for at the HQ, along with your emergency contact details. 

Lights and Helmets

An additional reminder....You must wear a helmet and have front and rear lights in operation at the start of your race. No exceptions can be made.

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