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Road Racing

While the club offers a wide range of multi-discipline riding options for riders of all abilities and fitness levels, club members are also actively involved with the racing scene. The club also runs a very popular, annual road race on the Winchcombe circuit.

Getting into Road Racing

Some of our riders actively participate in road racing and circuit racing, as well as riding with the club. If you want to get involved, the Race Captain or any of the regular racers are happy to help you learn the ropes.


Races are generally quick and require a good level of fitness to keep up, but they are great fun and hugely satisfying. The club winter training rides and chain-gang rides are great way of getting into shape, see the club calendar for details.

The biggest challenge you face is probably working out how to enter and get your race licence!


Most youth and senior races are run under British Cycling Regulations. You must have a licence to enter but you can often purchase a day-licence on the day of the event. The cost all depends on the event classification and what type of British Cycling membership you have (if any):


If you want to race regularly you are better off getting a full licence which lasts a year. More importantly, if you want to collect points and move up categories, you must have a full licence. See:


British Cycling also publish rankings:


To get a licence, you must purchase British Cycling Silver or Gold Membership. When you purchase this, you can also purchase your race licence. Licences for youth and Junior riders are much, much cheaper, again, see the BC website.

British Cycling run a very comprehensive and easy to use calendar of events:

Regional B Race 1_126.JPG
Regional B Race 2_008.JPG

Support for Young Riders

Unfortunately, it is not within the club’s remit or capacity to provide general and comprehensive funding for young individuals who wish to race but the club would welcome the opportunity to provide ‘some‘ funding for certain young riders to whom it will make all the difference. 


A small amount of funds is allocated within the annual budget but with a caveat that it will only be used for expenditure in line with the requirement and reviewed on a case by case basis. 


A similar funding principle is followed for more senior riders who wish to race, but the funding in those cases is specifically on a ‘contribution only’ basis and, even then, only in very exceptional circumstances.

Please contact the Race Captain if you wish to express an interest and/or discuss your plans.

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