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Important documents

With the safety and security of members paramount there are Important Documents essential in any well run club. Together, these Policies, Procedures and Processes provide simple, clear guidance for members. They ensure compliance with laws and regulations, give guidance for decision-making, and streamline processes.

Safety Related


Incident Reporting

What, when, why, how and who to report a club riding incident involving a member that resulted in an injury or a loss.

Incident reporting form

Risk Assessments

Of prevalent cycling risks, mitigations and who is responsible.

Risk assessments

Weather/road Conditions

Process to determine if ride conditions are compromised and ride plans need intervention.

Weekly road ride safety review process

Ride Etiquette

Expectations of members to deliver safe riding, consideration for all road users and how members support and represent the club.


Ride etiquette

Safeguarding Related

Summary of Safeguarding

Key points members are required to follow for the safe guarding of young people in C&CCC.

Summary of safeguarding

Safeguarding Statements

Summary statements of expectations of members for the Safeguarding of Juniors, members Duty of Care to Juniors and the expected Duty of Parents.

CCCC Junior statements

Safeguarding of Children and Young People Policy

Framework to fulfil C&CCC’s commitment to good practice and the protection of children in our care.

CCCC Safeguarding children and young people policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Key expectations of C&CCC and members to counter any bullying, definitions of bullying, support to be given to children and parents and useful contacts.

CCCC Anti bullying policy

Social Media Guidance

Guidance and advice to members, children and parents to underpin a safe environment on social networking and other online services in C&CCC.

CCCC social media guidance

Privacy Statement


Outline of how the club complies with the General Protection of Data regulations for individual members, in running events and coaching, with suppliers, partners, volunteers, marshals and contacts of the web page.

Privacy policy

Parental Consent Form (PCF)

The form to be completed by an under 18’s parent/guardian confirming their consent to participate in club rides and gather key contact & medical information.

CCCC Parental consent form



Club Rules


Principles and responsibilities of how the club is run for the membership.

CCCC club rules

Articles of Association


How the club is administered as a legal limited entity.

CCCC AOA (Registered)

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