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All riders must:

  • wear a helmet

  • have front and rear lights in operation during the event

​League Rules

There are two separate league categories: a road bike league and TT bike league.

Each week, riders score 60 points for finishing first in their category, 59 points for second, 58 points for third, 57 points for fourth and so on.

To allow competition between riders of different ages and genders, rankings are based on adjusted times (details here). So the fastest rider on actual time will not necessarily be the winner.

The 6 best scores for each rider count towards the league.

​Competing on a road bike

Separate results tables will be shown for road bikes and TT bikes.

You will be asked to say what bike you are riding when you sign on at the event.

We use the same rules as used in the national road bike series to define what a road bike is:

  • No aerobars, clip on aerobars or aero extensions can be used

  • Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times whilst racing (ie. not with forearms resting on the handlebar)

  • Wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes each, and have a maximum rim depth of 90mm

  • Helmets must have no visor

  • Ears must not be covered by the helmet (Giro Aerohead helmets are not permitted)

All others will go in the TT bike category


And note that skinsuits are allowed in the road bike category.

What about teams and tandems?

Teams of two and tandems can enter the leagues too! Just let us know at sign on.

The same rules will be applied to work out if you are a road bike or a TT bike. If any of the riders breaks the road bike rules (e.g. an aero helmet) then you will be popped in the TT category

Teams of 3 and 4 are only able to compete at our special Road Bike Team TT  nights.

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