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The virtual world of Zwift



For when the majestic Cotswold lanes are covered in slop and our windows are being battered with rain, Zwift has become an escape for a number of Cheltenham & County members. 


We have over 60 members now regularly riding on Zwift, across both social rides and the WTRL Zwift Racing League.

If you’re keen to join us in any future virtual rides, please contact the Road Captain or Development Officer for more details!

Social Rides

Throughout winter, social rides are held every Saturday. These are suitable for all abilities with the ‘stick together’ function activated so nobody is dropped and the group automatically sticks together. One of the many benefits of the platform is being able to stay as long as you like, so these typically last up to 100km, with many riders choosing to drop out once they’ve had their fill.

Similar to real world club rides, a coffee break takes place around 90 minutes into the ride. This gives a great opportunity to refill bottles, re-lube undercarriage and address your caffeine fix.


We use a Discord channel to discuss one of many cerebral topics throughout the ride, from current affairs to saddle sores. Grab your headphones and tune in for an entertaining chat!


While we are aware of it, we are currently NOT using the Zwift clubs feature to host these rides so keep an eye out for ride announcements from the ride leader through the club's website forum and Facebook page.


Zwift social rides start at 09:00 and finish with a real life meet

up alongside other, non-Zwifting club members, at Ritual Coffee (12:00 onwards).

Club members on a Zwift social ride
Club members in a Zwift race

Zwift racing league

Part of the WTRL portfolio, the ZRL gives a great opportunity for all Zwift riders to push themselves to a new level of fitness while riding collaboratively with their club mates.


The 2021/22 season has seen Cheltenham & County enter 5 teams with over 30 riders across the A, B & C Zwift racing categories. 


In order to join a C&CCC virtual ride, you’ll need a suitable indoor training setup that’s compatible with Zwift (plus a pair of headphones with a microphone if you want to chat!).


There are plenty of great resources online to get you up and running, so please take the time to check out the following:


These sites are not affiliated to the club in any way - they’re just great sources of information for making your indoor riding more successful and enjoyable!


A Zwift home setup
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