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10 mile course - rider instructions

The main club course which we use for virtually all our events runs between Teddington and Toddington. The course has been in continuous use since the 1960s. It is on a generally quiet, gently rolling B road in a rural location. 

Riders should note:

- There are significant pot-holes on the road in the area around the finish - please be vigilant

- Aim to get to the start layby 5 mins before your start time - please avoid getting to the start too early as there is limited space 

- Please return directly to the HQ after finishing and do not speak to the timekeeper. Results are available soon after the event and are published online soon after the event (usually the same evening)

- you must wear a helmet and have front lights and rear lights in operation during the event.

Course details

The first half of the course heads west to east, with a gentle 0.5% gradient most of the way and 1.5% in the last meters to the turn.  After a U turn around the roundabout at Teddington, it is very fast downhill run back to the finish.  There are faster courses than this, but it is a good ‘honest’ venue which can be quick once you get the pacing right. Most riders gain 30-60 seconds after a couple of attempts at it.

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