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Who is the fastest?


This page shows the quickest ever times on the main club 10 mile course (the UC706) which we use most weeks.

Our digital data goes back to 2004.  ​Please let me know of any errors or gaps in the data which you can help me fill in. More notes on the data are at the very bottom of the page

The tables can take a few seconds to load - thanks for waiting

Female solo 10 mile records

Team of 2:  10 mile records

Aged 17, 18 or 19

Aged 16 or under

Female Aged 40-49

Female Aged 50 or over

Male solo 10 mile records

Male Aged 50-59

Male aged 60 or over

Road Bike Adjusted Time Records

TT Bike Adjusted Time Records

A few notes on the data

Our digital data goes back to 2004. We have earlier paper records which we will eventually to add to the dataset. 

​Please let me know of any errors or gaps in the data which you can help me fill in

Road bike records

Our data doesn't record which on road bike, though Ben Stockdale's 00:21:21 is known to be the male road bike record.

We will start collecting data in 2022 so we can produce complete tables for the fastest road bike times.

Age related records

Our data records 'year of birth' rather than exact birthday, so all ages should be read as 'age at birthday in that year'.  We also have quite a bit of missing data on 'year of birth', so that will likely be why you can't find that person you are looking for.

Gender related records

We only started recording gender around 10 years ago. I have gone back and filled in genders where I can, but we still have many blank spaces.  Where the gender is unknown, I've included it in the male category. 

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