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Making a difference in Cheltenham

Are you in need of a bit of a ‘feel good factor’ in this climate of gloom and doom? Well, we can help with that.

We are excited to announce that following the AGM, we have agreed to support two local cycling-based projects next year, and your help will make all the difference!

Cheltenham Charity Bike ShopCyclists Fighting Cancer

We will be supporting this bike shop based in Leckhampton, that sells a range of second-hand bikes spares and kit, which have all been donated by people who don’t need them anymore, or who simply have too much in their garage and wardrobe (can you see where this is heading?). Their market is accessible to almost everyone in the community, from sturdy old wheels that could mean the difference between getting to work or not, to winter bikes that you could take on club rides and everything in between.

Their double joy is that they are providing a service to those who are financially disadvantaged in our community and who might otherwise not be able to afford a bike. This shop directly funds the charity CFC, Cyclists Fighting Cancer that provides new and specially adapted bikes to children being treated for or living with cancer.

So, we are taking this charity under our wing as we think that our C&CCC community can make a real difference. We aim to raise funds for a number of £25 vouchers which will be distributed by the staff to appropriate customers who are clearly in need and really struggling to afford the basic equipment in their shop. This £25 could be used to help towards the money needed for a bike, bike repair, or to buy a helmet, lock, new tyre, inner tube etc.

We also want to help boost their shop stock through donations from you.

Community bike repair.

Our second project is for us to fund some free professional bike repair days and invite people to bring their bikes for simple fixes to keep them on the road. We would like to offer this to a couple of local primary schools that do bike-ability courses, and the Cornerstones community hub in Whaddon. This is work in progress for later in the year and we will let you know when this is up and running.

So how can you get the Feel-Good Factor?

1. Declutter and donate!

We are organising a ‘Declutter and Donate’ week, ready for the event probably the last week in January (details to come). So, look out those old wheels, tyres, chain sets, shifters, pumps, saddles, and cycling kit that you never use ready for the event.

These can be fitted to the old bikes being renovated at the Charity shop or sold by them for profit, and you gain more space to put new kit!

2. Join in with fundraisers and support this Charity by spreading the word about their shop amongst families and friends.

If anyone is interested in helping with this area of the club’s activities, please contact me via



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