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CTT / RTTC National 100 mile Time Trial Championships

The club would like to support this event, and ask if two club members would be willing to help Marshal a roundabout just outside Cirencester.  We have also circulated an internal message to all our members regarding this event. The details are provided below:

CTT / RTTC National 100 mile Time Trial Championship

The event is the CTT/RTTC National 100 mile time trial championship to be held on the morning of Sunday 16 thAugust on the roads between Wootton Basset, Malmesbury, Tetbury and Cirencester. We are looking for two marshals to be on the turn roundabout on the outskirts of Cirencester. That is the roundabout at the junction of the A433 Tetbury road and A419 Stroud road.

This roundabout is used twice in the 100 miles, once at 41 miles and again at 77 miles, so assuming a shade under 25mph from the first rider starting at 06:11am, they would be through there just before 08:00am. Last rider starts at 08:30am so assuming 25mph will be through that roundabout for the second time at around 11:35 am. It therefore, means a commitment from the marshals to be in place from say 07:45am until perhaps 11:45 am.

Harry Walton, Mike Skidmore and myself have entered as a C & CCC team, so the Club already has an interest in this prestigious event.

Would it be possible to please put something out on the clubs website and / or newsletter asking for two club volunteer’s. The event secretary is Peter Rogers and he or I would happily provide further guidance if anyone who is less experienced at Marshalling wish to have a go but are unsure as to exactly what is required.

Details of the event can be found here :-

The Event Secretary is Peter Rogers:

Kind regards,

Charles Zanettacci  | Senior Product Development Engineer

TEL:   +44 (0)1242 534854

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