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Club Awards - The Results!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Thank you to all the members who submitted nominations for the Club Awards that were announced at the Summer Party on 9th September. There were four awards and we confirm the winner and also the other nominees (in no particular order).

Congratulations to our winners, but also to all the nominees. It's easy to see why they have all won your votes and your respect.

Most Considerate Rider:

Winner: Jonathan Nicholls.

Nominations: Jon Dyke, Ray Lock, `Ewan Wright, Charlie Zanettacci, Gary Potts, Nigel Woodcock, Mike Anderson, Martin Cain, Gareth Cook, Jane Cetinel, Simon Boswell and Jonathan Nicholls.

Most Contributions to Community Activity:

Winners: Bikeability Team, Key Partnerships (eg CTW, Dames ....) and Cafe Relationships

Nominees: Lisa Ponting, Simon Boswell, Gareth Cook, Paul Douglas, Gary Potts, Jeff Manners, Lesley Jeanes, Steve Smith, Rich Smith, Jeremy North, Andy Hoffman.

Most Improved Rider

Winner: Nina Hodgson

Nominees: Jane Cetinel, Miranda Foster, Nina Hodgson, Mark Lugg, Julia Parks, Andi Rivers, Ben Waghorne, Karlien Heyrman.

Best (New) Ride Leader

Winner: Martin Cain

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1 Comment

Jeremy North
Jeremy North
Sep 17, 2023

You gave my name the wrong direction 🤣

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