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Centenary Day Schedule

Hope everybody's ready for the fun on Saturday! Timings: From 08:30 - assemble at pump room. The Heritage Deco cafe will be open from 08:30 if you want to grab a pre-ride drink. 09:00 - pre-ride brief and then groups set off for Teddington Hands - (Broadway) - Toddington - Cheltenham Social and Vintage rides follow 16/17/18/19/20 rides follow 09:45ish - centenary group photos at Teddington Hands by Dan Freeman 10:30ish - option for groups to stop and take commemorative selfies in Broadway 11:00ish - cafe stop at Flag and Whistle cafe at Toddington Station 13:00 - gates Open at the Cricket Club, Prince's Street for Social & free BBQ & free centenary bottle 14:00 - preBBQ brief 14:10 - BBQ opens 14:45 - optional short talk by Doug Pinkerton on the history of bikes at the Historic Bike stand exhibition 15:30 - presentation of awards to best historic bike and best overall ensemble. Cake cutting (c/o Lisa Ponting) by our oldest guests 16:00 - group pic on the steps of the cricket club 17:00 - last orders 17:30 - closes Throughout the afternoon there'll be a static display of some iconic historic bikes by Doug Pinkerton, thanks to Jonathan Nicholls. There's an indoor area in the bar and a veranda in case the weather isn't kind. In the bar, there's a historic showreel playing on the video screen c/o Peter Seaward, Lesley Jeanes and Martin McGreary - see who you recognise! There'll also be a chap called Tom Long and his friend Arbor Mosaic on the bar along with the usual range of drinks. On a final note, can as many people as possible download the route and be able to lead rides. With an open invitation to ex-members and partners, we may have a high turnout and a demand for multiple leaders! See you Saturday!

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Sounds great! Looking forward to it.

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