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A pleasant but cold  evening. The wind was north easterly which is generally bad news for this course. And the barometer reads 1033mb, which is very high and means the air is very dense and takes more energy to pass through. So all in probably the worst conditions you could have for fast times!  So don't be too disheartened if you feel you could of gone quicker - it's because you can!!

Great to see a decent number of road bikes for our first ever dedicated road-bike and TT bike results tables. Congrats to  all those who are on the podiumed - all 11 of you! In particular to Liz Spiers and Nieve Richardson, who go into 2nd and 4th in the all time fastest riders list for their age category - fantastic!

And a shout out to Steve Mead who took a wrong turn. Bad luck Steve and I hope you come back and have another go. A PB should be guaranteed.

Thanks to Mike, Laura, Doug and Don for helping out at the event this evening.

League tables will appear over the weekend. Thanks for your patience while we get used to our new website.

Road Bikes

Time Trial Bikes

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