2019 Time Trial League

Every Week, Everyone Competes, Everyone gets involved

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New for the 2019 Series

The 2019 Club TT Series will commence on Thursday 11th April 2019 and subject to reduced road works and we can get helpers for each event, I hope this series will include  the odd 5 mile (if road conditions dictate) but mainly 10 mile (UC706 and UC715 later in the season) a new 16 mile course and some 25 mile events.  Further  details will be published in the coming weeks.

I hope this series will be well supported as I am hoping the programme will be less fluid from that experienced in 2018 due to endless roadworks, so riders can plan ahead.

Gary Rickards – TT Captain.

Mobile – 07887 400239


2019 Calendar

The calendar will show all the events for this coming year:

  • Details of all our events will be on our events page, so please review and familiarize yourself with the course and HQ location. We hope to run a 16 mile course, and details will be added in due course.
  • Velo Vitesse organise events alongside our club as part of the league calendar. This we hugely welcome and we encourage any other clubs reading this to get involved also.
  • We have interclub TTs with Gloucester and Winchcombe Cycle Club (yet to be confirmed). Everyone is free to enter these, not just members of these clubs. If you are not a member of an CTT Affiliated Club then for an extra £1 you can be a C&CCC day member.
  • We have a calendar of flat events running until the 8th August 2019.
  • Hill climb fortnight will commence from Tuesday 13th August and will consist again of 4 events in two weeks, finishing on the 22rd August 2019.

As usual, we need volunteers to help run the events which will involve putting out signs, marshaling and pushing off (though this can be done by a rider setting off last). All regular riders are expected to volunteer and help, and by doing this they also qualify towards the club annual trophy awards in December. Check out the event calendar and volunteer rota and email or text Gary to reserve your slot.

The league format will have 4-5 Divisions depending on entry levels, with riders placed into a division based on their ability against the clock.

We hope this format promotes competition. Competitors of similar ability compete against each other, irrespective of their age or gender. If you are a 75 year-old who regularly achieves 27 mins, you will compete against any other riders posting similar times.

The full league rules can be seen on the Rules page.

General Competition Information


  • Check out the Courses tab for all the events. Please note, we use the Teddington Village Hall as HQ for 5 and 10 mile competitions and Dumbleton Village Hall for the new U715 Course ONLY – Dumbleton Village Hall HQ, Access and Parking (Final)    Teddington Village Hall
  • Entry is £5 per rider + £1 if you are not with a CTT affiliated club. Entry is on the night. You must be at least 14 years old and U18s must have a completed and signed the clubs parental consent form. See the rules
  • Sign-on opens at approx 6.00pm,  closes at 6:40 pm for the Teddington Village Hall and all events start at 7.01pm for the 5 mile and 10 mile U706 Courses only. Currently the Sign-on at the Dumbleton Village Hall opens at 6:30 pm and closes at 7:10 pm, but this maybe pulled back once traffic counts are completed on the A46.  The HQ is hired until 9:30 pm.
  • The time keepers determine the number of competitors entering on the day on a first come / first serve basis and this will generally be based on the weather conditions and natural light levels- please respect their decisions. For the new U715 Course there is maximum entry level of 45 competitors during April, May and August, with this quantity extended to 60 during June and July only, based on natural Civil Twilight hours.
  • Anyone can enter and race in our Events. If you intend to ride regularly, you will be expected to help run at least one event, and to qualify for Prize money or a Trophy, the competitor must have helped at ONE competition. See the rota to volunteer
  • Information on the events is provided further down this page.
  • A rear flashing red light on your bike is strongly recommended.
  • When signing on to enter an event, please use CAPITAL LETTERS for your full name, so this is recorded and spelt correctly. Please ensure you have read and understand the course risk assessment Rev 4, which will also be available at the signing on desk.  Any queries, please ask. In addition, the clubs First Aid Box will be at hand with an accident book, just so competitors are aware – hopefully it will never be used!
  • When you reach the Lay-By for the start you must stay off the road and only stay within the Lay-By.  When you start you only go onto the road when it is SAFE to do so.  The Lay-By is long so you have time to manoeuvre.
  • Competitors must ride on the left hand side of the road and try and avoid wandering into the middle and right hand side of the road unless overtaking or right hand turns. Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and MUST NOT ride in company (in a solo competition) or take shelter from other competitors or vehicles (commonly known as drafting) in accordance with CTT Regulations.
  • Competitors are reminded that when they cross the ‘Finish Line’ they shout out their race number to the time keeper.
  • After finishing the event, competitors need to return their race number to HQ and they can also obtain their time, once the time keeper has returned.
  • Please note that the TT Race Captain will be regularly competing in these club events and therefore, if he is not around to help resolve a query or problem please ask for Graham Steer, who will try and help. Graham will also collate and pass on information to me, so I can later assist as necessary.

When you have finished your ride


  • Please return direct to the HQ.
  • You can collect your result when you return your race number from the village hall, once the last competitor has finished or later from our website.
  • These requirements are for safety reasons and to allow the time keeper to not be distracted.

Any questions? Contact Gary


A Marshals role is as follows:

  • Their job is simply to have a presence on a roundabout to increase awareness for competitors and vehicle drivers.
  • They should simply point the direction of travel to the competitor as they approach, using the red flag.
  • It is up to the competitor to check whether the road is clear – do not rely on the marshal to do this for you.
  • Marshals are not allowed to stop traffic or attempt to.

Check out the TT Calendar page tab for more information on helper tasks for each course.

10 Mile Courses

The HQ at Dumbleton Village Hall for the U715 Course

Check out the Courses Tab page for specific information on the course route.

The new U715 Course will be held at Dumbleton Village Hall, Dairy Lane, Dumbleton, WR11 7TP and vehicles can be parked in front of the village hall, on Dairy Lane (but only on the Right hand side of the road as going up) and on the Main Street. Turbo Trainers are permitted but please ensure they are close and behind the owners vehicle, away from the road, and do NOT block drive ways.

Parking for bikes is on the left side of the building. Just open the wooden pedestrian gate and you can leave your bike in this enclosed area.  Once the building is open, then there is an exit door which can be used to access and leave the building to gain direct access to this area.

The main pedestrian access is to the right of the building and around the back, where there is a rear access door.  This door is locked and there is a key safe on the wall (access code only provided to authorized club personnel or time keepers) to open and lock the door.  Once in the premises (known as the ‘Campbell Suite’) then competitors have access to both separate Male & Female toilets, Kitchen, Signing on room with Kitchenette.  Please do NOT use the main hall.

C&CCC will be providing Free Complementary Tea and Coffee for competitors, Time Keepers and club officials, but please keep the kitchenette tidy and put used cups etc. in the waste bag provided.

Below is an aerial Plan of the Village Hall and access routes around it.  Please be respectful of the neighbours and also be aware that the Village Hall Secretary lives opposite on Dairy Lane, so any nuisance, he will hear about!

Dumbleton Village Hall HQ, Access and Parking (Final)

The Lab-By on the A46 for the race start is approximately 1.8 miles from the Dumbleton Village Hall and when you leave the village hall just turn left onto the Main Street and follow the road to the A46 junction.  At this junction there is excellent vision in both directions and you must apply extreme care crossing the A46 (please ensure you have read the course Risk Assessment Rev 4) and just go north, past the start on the opposite side of the road, to the Lay-By on your carriageway.  Pull in here and when safe cross the A46 and return south bound to the Lay-By and the start position is directly opposite the first Blue ‘No Tipping’ sign.  ANYONE SEEN TURNING OR WARMING UP ON THE A46, WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE COMPETITION. Warming up can either be done from turbo trainers by the HQ or by turning right when leaving the HQ on the Main Street and using the ‘B’ roads.

Below is a map route from Dumbleton Village Hall to the start location, which also clearly shows the loop back from the Lay-By used to cross the A46.

Map route from Dumbleton HQ to Start Lay-by.

The U715 Course is provided below, and must be read in conjunction with the Risk Assessment Rev 4, also provided.

C&CCC 10 MIle U715 Course Route Map

New 10 – U715 – Method Statement V4

When competitors finish the race, they return via the B4078 and turn right onto the unclassified road, sign posted to Dumbleton.  Please ensure competitors when crossing the B4078, do not hinder competitors who are racing towards the finish line.  Dumbleton Village Hall is approximately 2 miles from the Finish Line.


The HQ at Teddington Village (link to map) for the U706, U706B, U706R Courses. Please be very considerate when parking

  • Only park in the green shaded areas on the map below
  • Please leave passing spaces between the car in front of you when parking in the lanes – long lines of closely parked cars are awkward for passing traffic
  • Please be considerate when getting changes in or near you vehicles – don’t put on a striptease! This is a serious request! The village hall is more than suitable for getting changed.
  • Let the organiser know of any issues.

parking map

8 Mile Event

Wormington Circuit (Short) (was UC704A)
Distance: 8.0 miles
HQ: Teddington Village Hall (Details above)
Start on the B4077 at junction with Orchard Industrial Estate access road near the B4078/B4077 crossroads (known as Black Barns) (GR SP025326). Proceed to Toddington traffic island where left on B4632. After approx 2 miles take first road on left to Wormington (unclassified road), where left to junction with B4078 (Sedgeberrow to Winchcombe road). Turn left to complete circuit. Finish before Black Barns crossroads, opposite field gate on RHS after passing Industrial estate access road.
This course is to be read in conjunction with Risk Assessment Rev B:

K39-8 Rev B Wormington Circuit RA

Remember NO ‘U’ turns on the B4077 on the course and at the start you form an orderly line on the estate road within the bollards, and you DO NOT move forward if a vehicle on the B4077 is in close proximity.

For further details please refer to the ‘Courses’ page tab.


 25 Mile Events


Detailed map: https://goo.gl/BJFHMA

The HQ is at Isbourne Industrial Estate, off B4632 0.5 mile north of Winchcombe.  Please park considerately on the roads of the estate.

Sign on opens from around 6pm. First rider is off at 19.01.

As is usual now, please head straight back to the HQ after you finish and do not bother the time keeper.

Check out the ‘Courses’ page for additional information

Reverse 10 Mile Course

The Reverse 10 runs from Toddington to Teddington and back (rather than the other way around).

Here is what you need to know:

  • The HQ will be at Isborne Industrial Estate, the one we use for the 25 mile TTs. Do not go to Teddington Village Hall or the Orchard Industrial Estate.
  • The start is just south of the Toddington Roundabout. There is not much room here and the waiting area is quite compact. Please don’t arrive at the start more than 5 minutes before you start time. There will be a marshal here to keep things orderly!
  • You will do U – turn at the large roundabout at Teddington. There will be marshals present.
  • The finish is on just after you pass the Orchard Industrial Estate, which will be on your left hand side
  • As ever, please remember that it is you must obey all traffic laws and give way at junctions and roundabouts. The marshals cannot provide any assistance to you.

Check out the ‘Courses’ page for additional information

5 mile events

The start is outside Toddington Village Hall. The HQ is at Teddington Village Hall. Careful not to get these the wrong way around!

The finish is the same as the one for the 10 mile events – just before Teddington Hands Rounabout.

We will ask you to

  • not perform any kind of U-turn near the start area. Please go up to the roundabout at Toddington to turn round and get to the start.
  • not to warm up on the course once the event has started.

Check out the ‘Courses’ page for additional information