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Starting this weekend, we're trying to create a "home". A post-ride cafe venue, where you can rock up and likely find clubmates whether they were in your group or a different one. It's all part of our effort to "develop the club spirit and inclusivity". We want the club to be a welcoming, trusted community. A place where you're amongst friends. A place where your mates look out for you.

The co-owner of the cafe, ex-racer Callum Lister, has volunteered to give FREE COFFEE to anybody in club kit on this coming Saturday. Callum has also kindly offered to allow our club members to bring their bikes inside the cafe, please park them on the right hand side back corner.

They've also taken in a boxful of water bottles, if you've not yet got your hands on your free centenary water bottle you'll be able to pick yours up whenever you visit.

The cafe is on the Landsdown Industrial Estate near the Railway Station, just round the corner from Deya Brewery. So get your club kit ready, and see you at the Ritual Coffee Roasters after the ride on Saturday!

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