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Nominate for the new Club Awards

Earlier in the year we highlighted the introduction of new awards to recognise significant contributions to the club in line with our strategic themes. It's now time to make your nominations, so we can finalise the three (or more) winners and make the award at the Summer Social.

To make your 3 nominations please email , as soon as possible. Please just provide names and categories. If you want to include the reason for the nomination, that would be helpful too.

The three award categories are:

Award Theme

Example Behaviours (not exhaustive)


Most Considerate Rider - eg consideration of others in group, follows ride etiquette, promotes 'safe/welcome' environment for less experienced riders....


Most Contributions to community activity - eg bike ability, supporting socials, fund raising, positive activity on communication channels, ....


Most Improved Rider - eg speed, group, technical abilities, explored new disciplines, confidence, safety awareness......

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