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MTB ride programme changes

We trialled having an XC ride on every first Saturday of the month. Although these have been well attended, it has proved too difficult to find enough leaders to have these rides as a regular offering so I have removed that from the website. Any ride leader can choose to plan an XC ride on any date.

The intro rides are promoted as being on the third Saturday every month. Plan A is a 15ish mile ride that is less demanding technically and physically. Of course, if no riders turn up wanting that, and the group agrees, Plan B can be whatever the leader fancies. Although I have begun to promote the club MTB rides a bit more, we don’t get enough new riders to justify the second meeting point on every ride. I have modified the MTB page on the website to ask those that would like to meet us at the top of the first climb to let me know in advance.

Clive, MTB Capt.

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