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Club Socks


I thought you may also be interested to know that club socks are also now available!

The Design

This is only a provisional sketch (wonky text, off colours), but gives you an idea of the design. They are woven, not printed. Reinforced heel and toe.

Size Guide

They are offered in two sizes, S/M and L/XL, see size guide below. The fabric is stretchy polyamide so if you're slightly outside those ranges in either direction you should still be ok.

Size OptionS/ML/XLEU38-41.542-45UK5-7.58-11


The price is £8.00 per pair, which includes:

  • Two socks of appropriate cycling length in C&CCC colours

  • Delivery to the UK from our European factory

  • Brexit taxes

  • Charitable donation to Cyclists Fighting Cancer (who will kindly be distributing the socks to buyers from their Cheltenham shop).

How to Order

1) Fill in the order form.

2) Send payment by bank transfer, ensure to include the reference.

Name: Spencer Tapia Sort code: 09-01-28 Account Number: 9031 8275 Payment Reference: SOCKS Your Name (e.g. SOCKS J Ullrich)

The Sockmonster

You are recommended to order more than one pair because as you know, the dreaded washing machine sockmonster strikes mercilessly and without warning to devour lone socks, never to be seen again. Also this will help us to hit minimum order size requirements and boost the donation to charity.


The ordering window closes on Sunday the 21st of May.

Delivery will take a few weeks so they'll be here in time for the height of summer.

For more information, please re-read. Or Contact Spencer -

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