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C&CCC - Hayles CX event 18th Dec

Hello everyone, just a reminder to let you know that Cheltenham CC will be hosting another round of the western league cx series on Sunday 18th Dec at Hayles Fruit Farm (, so we’re looking forward to seeing you there; There will be a large party of u12/youth racers from the local CTW club as it marks the end of their season of cx coaching, so it’ll be an ideal way to mark the occasion for them. Benoit and I have designed a challenging new course (video to follow) taking in the flat lands around Hayles, and the Farm Shop will offer the usual hot/cold drinks/snacks as well as mulled cider to keep you all warm! And finally, to make this event possible and go ahead smoothly we are looking for volunteers to assist us on the day, before the event and with tearing down the course, so if anyone could assist with this, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can help, please contact me via email at or by mobile at 07908 917420. See you soon! Cheers Paul Douglas

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