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C&CCC Forthcoming Hill Climb Series to now include 4 Events

Our 2020 Hill Climb Series will now include FOUR hill climbs, and we will be using the Salters Hill Climb (UCHS) and the Corndean Lane Hill Climb (UCHC), which details are as follows:

18th & 27th August – Corndean Lane Hill Climb (UCHC)

Start by signpost at foot of Corndean Lane (Winchcombe) (GR SP018277). Finish at top of Corndean hill by parking layby after left bend. HQ:In the layby at foot of Corndean Lane. Sign on from 18:15 – 18:50 hrs Notes:Course record is 4:16 secs. Mike Skidmore 15 August 2019. Female time 5:13 secs. Natalie Jenks on the 15th August 2019 Distance: 1.0 mile

20th & 25th August – Salters Hill Climb (UCHS)

Start above first cattle grid on Salters Lane (Near Hailes Abbey, Winchcombe). Finish just level with second cattle grid, just before the gate at top of hill. HQ:Near lower cattle grid. Sign on from 18:15 – 18:50 hrs Notes:Course record is 2:54 secs set by Jacob Hardy on 22.08.19. Female record holder is Natalie Jenks at 3:52 secs on 22.08.19 Distance: 0.6 miles

Please remember that the Covid-19 safe procedures document must be read and followed by all riders and officials involved in these events. Please read and follow the attached document: 16.08.20 C&CCC Covid-19 safe requirements for club TT Hill Climb events. (Final)

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

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