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C&CCC FOD away day 29th April

Less than two weeks to the FOD away day! Here are some details about the visit. Start point is the Rising Sun at Moseley Green - ///

We’re aiming for a 9.30am start

There are 5 routes

· 33 mile Social ride stopping at Old Station Tintern

· 41 mile 16-20 rides stopping at Old Station Tintern

· 22 mile gravel ride stopping at Forest of Dean Cycle Centre

· 33 mile gravel ride stopping at Forest of Dean Cycle Centre

· 20 mile MTB ride stopping at Pedalabikeaway, Parkend

All the routes are hilly, bring your best legs! At lunchtime, the Rising Sun are offering Sausage and Chips, Scampi and Chips or Chicken Strips and Chips plus a pint for £10. Alternatively, you can order from the main menu in advance.

I’ll be making a day of it and going for another ride in the afternoon if anybody else wants to join me.

Please use the comments to indicate whether you're coming, for any questions, offering lifts and car-shares, any other suggestions.

Hope to see you there!

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1 comentário

23 de abr. de 2023

I originally signed up to do the 33 mile Gravel Ride, but I have tested positive for Covid, so I won't be able to go now.

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