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Bredon Hill Circuit 

Notes for Competitors


  • The route will be signed, but it is a little more complicated than usual so study it carefully beforehand and consider using your GPS for navigation. The classic mistake is to overshoot the first left hand turn after Little Comberton. 


  • There is a steep descent with a right hand bend after you exit Great Comberton - be vigilant and be prepared to use your brakes!


  • Be careful not to shortcut the route by going through Westmancote. You must continue all the way to the T-Junction in Bredon and turn left there.


  • The road becomes quite narrow after the finish as it enters Elmley Castle - be careful and watch out for oncoming traffic


  • As ever, you must be prepared to give way at junctions and follow the highway code. Never assume you have automatic right of way. 


  • The course is generally quiet but passes through numerous small villages. The risks are very low, but take care and watch out for other road users who may be moving a lot slower than you. 

HQ in Elmley Castle

HQ is in Elmley Castle Village Centre near the Queen Elizabeth pub.

Please park in the available spaces and be extra considerate to local residents.  

Fastest Men 

Fastest Women

Fastest Men in their 50s

Fastest Men in their 60s

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