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We finally managed to hold our Road Bike Team Time Trial! Thank you to everyone with your patience with the rescheduling and the endless emails. Next one is 11th August - I'll put up the entry details soon.

It was worth the wait for the weather - finally a proper summer evening. Perhaps the wind could have been more helpful but it was still a good night for riding a bike.

Most teams were new with a few who did it last year.  It seems all the teams managed to stay together and worked well as unit - any finger pointing is a private team matter!  Some fantastic times. It seems that the teams of 3 and 4 were around a minute quicker than they might have managed individually

Nice to see a few solo riders out with a couple of PBs in there.

Lots of helpers to thank tonight: Laura Finucane Martin McGreary, Doug Gale, Mike Wake, Bill Olver, David Thomas.


For more detailed team results visit this link

Road Bikes

Time Trial Bikes

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