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We had good conditions, with warm temperatures and only a slight wind on the way back to the finish. Gloucestershire Highways have gifted us 1600 metres of their finest new tarmac around the black shed wilderness area.

Some good times on the road bikes, with Theo Smith cracking the 24 minute barrier for the first time. Theo only started TTing a few weeks a go but has a real taste for it - he could have a big year in 2023.

In the TTs, a few riders managed to crank out a season PB, which is impressive so late into the calendar. Arja Scarsbrook did a 26 min time which has been a target for the course all year - fantastic! 

A few riders were disrupted by an absolutely massive tractor carrying a load of hay. Thanks to all for being patient and not attempting to overtake it, as tempting as it must have been.

Jonny Rawlings has nicked his race number!  Jonny: once you confirm it safe and being kept in humane conditions, we can make arrangements for a handover and I'll release your time :)

Next week is the Road Bike Team Time Trial. There may be spaces for solo riders but it potentially could be sold out with teams in advance. You must check the website carefully in the days before the event to see what the situation is - I'll post updates well in advance.

Thanks to our helpers tonight: Andi Rivers, Mike Wake, Laura Finucane.

Road Bikes

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