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A fantastic evening and virtually a full field. It was HOT HOT HOT. It was rather hastily reorganised on Tuesday evening (!!!)  after the temporary traffic light invasion at Toddington Roundabout. We used a brand new course and brand new HQ, Both were rather good.  Huge thanks to Kris Poole, Martin McGreary, Alex Mackman, Jonny Rawlings, Laura Finucane, Emma Skidmore, Mike Wake, Doug Gale and Don Muir for giving up their valuable time at short notice. 

Some really impressive times, but its really all about team camaraderie and having a laugh.  Some spectacular pacing mistakes meant some enjoyed it less at the time than they might have done! But all smiles afterwards.

A shout out to the Lari Ladies who entered as part of a get together after meeting on a cycling holiday. And 'Could Tri Harder' and Carole's Singers who were riding with their friend Becky Drewett in mind after she was injured in the Bredon Hill TT (get well soon Becky). The Woodmancote Wheelers are big supporters of our team events and it was great to have two teams again, while our bitter arch rivals Gloucester City put in a fantastic show - thanks again for coming. And a brilliant turnout from various C&CCC teams. Congrats to our elite Dreamers team for winning, just two seconds ahead of the Ark. 

Congrats Lesley Jeanes (aka Team Blue Jeansey)  for doing a solo TT after her team mate withdrew just before the event. A fantastic time for her age category in her first ever TT.  Now, a solo TT ride is a very different beast to a team ride, particularly in conditions like this. Top stuff Jeansey.

The new course misses out the climb on the usual course, which meant for quicker times. But looking at strava, it seems that the course is short by a couple of hundred meters or so.  That's what you get when you guesstimate the finish location!  We were more interested in finding a shady spot for doug and don to stand.

That's the regular season over now. Thanks for all your support and patience with the endless last minute changes, its been worth it!  Watch out for a write up on the league results in the next week or so (still ironing wrinkles - how have I made it so complicated?!).  And there will be more details about the hill climbs (1st Sept and 8th Sept)  coming soon too.

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