FINAL reminder for those who are thinking about signing up for the PP sportive for 2018.

Similar to last year we are offering 12 free places for club members, the only condition being that all riders MUST wear a C&CCC club jersey of some kind. If you don’t have one then you should be able to borrow one if you ask around…or failing that, let us know and we will see what can be done via shout outs.

The 12 places will be allocated fairly amongst those who email, with the selection cutoff being this SATURDAY 23rd June. Until we can confirm entry, please do not assume that requesting a place means that an entry is guaranteed as we could be over-subscribed.

There are 2 routes on offer for this deal: 100k or 100miles (note that we are only offering a total of 12 places across the two rides). Ideally, we would like riders on each route to ride together but we appreciate that is not always possible…but a group piccie at the start would be grand!

Anyone wanting more info on this sportive, which raises both funds and awareness of a fantastic local charity should head over to here.

There are no caveats about any additional sponsorship for entrants but this may be a perfect opportunity for a rider to get friends and family to get some cash out to help a truly local cause

Please email Robin if you are interested or want more details.

We intend running 10 mile TT events on these dates which will be held on either the U706 or U715 depending on what is available.

Details to be confirmed on the day of each event before 2 pm.

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

Congratulations to our Harry Walton for an excellent time achieved last night (14th June) on our new 10 mile course, referenced U715.  The race report is provided on the TT page, but he covered the distance in 20 mins 47 seconds – It is good to see his knees are OK now!!

Our next TT Event is provisionally programmed as a 25 mile but due to the delays at Toddington roundabout, I anticipate this will not be possible.

In the likely event that it will be cancelled, then we will use the 10 mile U715 course again.

Details to be confirmed on Thursday 21st June, before 2.00 pm, once I have driven around the courses and seen what is available.

If the U715 course is used, then the HQ is at Dumbleton Village Hall and it will be open from 18.15 hrs and sign on will close at approximately 19.10 hrs.  The first rider will be off at approx 19.30 hrs.

Please ensure you have read the clubs risk assessment below and also use the link below for general information.  Please take particular care crossing the A46 after leaving the HQ and please ensure you go to the lay-by on the A46 before crossing the A46 for a second time to arrive at the lay-by for the start.

New 10 – U715 – Method Statement V4

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

C&CCC are hosting round 7 of the Western Cyclocross Summer League at Pittville Park on Wednesday 4th July – see . As usual it would be good to see a good turn out of club riders. If you’re not planning on racing, but would like to help out, we do as ever need marshals – if you can help please let Rob Haynes know, either in person or via the contact page.

Just a reminder that on Saturday 16th June there’s an extra option for the club rides to go and watch the Women’s tour at Snowshill. As well as the route suggested in the  original posting some of us will be riding across to Worcester to try to catch the finish, using a route something along the lines of

There’s also still time to enter the virtual Women’s Tour at that Giles has setup. You can enter before 10:30 on Wednesday using the code 664131821.


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