We will be running two hilly road climb events on the 16th August and the 23rd August, with all details on the club TT events programme and on the TT Course Page : www.cheltenhamandcounty.cc/road/time-trialling/tt-calendar-rota/    & www.cheltenhamandcounty.cc/road/time-trialling/courses/

As part of the two weeks series, our partners Velo Vitesse will also be running two hill climbs on Tuesday 14th August and the 21st August, with sign on details etc. found on the below link:


Great Effort on our clubs first Hilly event (16.08.18) and I provide below a picture of those brave soles, once recovered! Results on the clubs TT Results page.

Remember Prize money for the TT League winners will  be presented at the Hewlett Pub, after next Thursday’s Hill Climb at Aggs Hill. The list of qualifying riders will be provided shortly. Remember these riders do not need to do the hill climb, but can support the event, or just turn up at the pub for about 20:00 hrs, to receive their money.

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

Looking for something to stick in your diary for early September? Well, look no further as the club BBQ now has a provisional date, subject to confirmation shortly. We are looking at:

The Royal Oak in Prestbury, Saturday 8th September

Those who attended last year enjoyed a veritable feast of excellent food, served in the back pavilion in the large beer garden. The BBQ will be FOC to club members, but drinks will still need to be purchased.

Why not make it an enjoyable double by working up an appetite on the Saturday club run and then riding straight to the pub to grab a cold beer and a large plate of food!

I have been around the course and road works have sprung up today on the A46 near Ashton Under Hill, for pot hole repairs. Traffic flow is less due to the holiday period, but care must be taken when starting and moving onto the carriageway, if a row of vehicles are coming down, assuming the traffic lights are still in use.  We will however, proceed with the TT event this evening on the U715, with sign on from 18:15 hrs to 19:10 hrs at Dumbleton Village Hall.

Full course details are on our TT Course Page on the following link: www.cheltenhamandcounty.cc/road/time-trialling/courses/

I also attach the current Risk Assessment Rev 4, and I ask that all competitors read this and comply with this document.  When you cross the A46 and go North to the lay-by for the start, you must first go to the lay-by in your lane, so you carefully turn and cross the A46 to return to the start.  Anyone seen crossing the A46 and directly entering the lay-by to start, will be disqualified.

New 10 – U715 – Method Statement V4

Feedback from competitors who have already raced on the clubs new U715 course , consider it quicker than the clubs normal U706 course, so we will see what times are produced this evening!

Due to the amount of roadworks and disruption we have had this season and lack of the popular 10 mile races being run, I intend changing the last TT flat race on the 9th August from our traditional 5 mile to the 10 mile U706 Course.  If I hear no objections by the 2nd August, then I will update the programme.

Happy racing!

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

Last Sunday (15th July) saw another good turnout from C&CCC for the Pied Piper Sportive, starting from the Kingsholm stadium in Gloucester.  The event (organised by our very own Owen ‘Bagman’ Watkins) was run in very hot conditions, although the lure of an ice cold can of cider at the finish kept the pace nice and brisk for many!  All in all, a great thing for the club to be part of, with the main objective being to raise money for a very worthy local charity, The Pied Piper Appeal.  See who you recognise, no points for spotting our President who was helping with the admin (following a late surge in entries).

Dear Club Members

I’m looking at getting a new Skinsuit in club colour’s and want to gauge interest for a group club order. Nopinz seems the obvious choice as they have our current design on file with many different stiles for enhanced performance, and they may offer some discount if we get 10+ orders. There is a chance the club may also contribute as well.

If you are interested (not a commitment as the detail hasn’t been worked out with Nopinz or the Club) please drop a mail to ‘CheltCountyTTkit@gmail.com’ with the skinsuit type, size, list price and numbers you would be interested in. I’m aiming for 11th August as a last day for expressions of interest so I can collate details for the club committee meeting on the 15th August. I’ll be aiming to contact everyone mid-late August with details of any combined offer/discount we can put together and the process for paying Nopinz should you want to proceed.

I provide a link below to the Nopinz general information page:


Nicholas Smale

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