TT Calendar & Rota

Regular riders are expected to volunteer to help at one competition in the 2018 TT Series, which includes both the flat races and the Hill Climbs.

Helper vacancies are shown below – email Gary Rickards ( or text on 07887 400239 to reserve your space.

Please remembers that any winners who are placed in the Leagues, Standards or Scratch, need to have helped at a competition.

Check out the HQs and Courses page for more information on helper tasks for each course.

We will be forced to cancel a competition if we do not get volunteers to Marshal.

Please note that if we wish to change the 10 mile course from the U706 to the U715, then this can be quickly arranged and the Dumbleton Village Hall will be available. If this is arranged then we will only require ONE helper.

Please note that we have an agreement with Newland Homes (the housing estate developer at Toddington) that they will try and keep the roads clear of their road works on the four evenings we are running our 25 mile competitions.  If this does not materialize then new arrangements will be made. The 25 mile competitions will be Partnered with Winchcombe Cycle Club.

Course details are here.

Flat TT Competition Calendar for 2018.  The TT Series for the Leagues starts on the 12th April and finishes on the 9th August, then followed by the hill climbs.

Please note that the use of the clubs regular 10 mile U706 course and 25 mile U703B course have been planned but if roadworks arise then the 10 mile course will revert to the clubs new 10 mile U715 course or another as advised by the TT Captain.

DateDistance / CourseHelper 1Helper 2Helper 3Helper 4Helper 4Helper 6
11-March10 mIles - U715Gary Rickardsn/an/an/an/an/a
12- April8 miles - K39/8 Wormington Course
Gary RickardsJulian Bullasn/an/an/an/a
19- April8 miles - K39/8 Wormington CourseJonathan GouldGraham Steern/an/an/an/a
26-April8 miles - K39/8 Wormington CourseAlan WarburtonNeil Pughn/an/an/an/a
3- May10 miles – U713
Corse & Staunton Village Hall
GL19 3RQ
Velo Vitesse Eventn/an/an/an/an/a
10-May8 miles - K39/8 Wormington Coursevacantvacantn/an/an/an/a
Gloucester Inter-Club
10 miles – U706vacantvacant
24- May10 miles – U706vacantvacantn/an/an/an/a
31- May10 miles – U706vacantvacantn/an/an/an/a
7-June25 miles – U703 Bvacantvacantvacantvacantn/an/a
14-June10 miles – U706vacantvacantn/an/an/an/a
21- June25 miles – U703BRachel Greenvacantvacantvacantn/an/a
28 – June10 miles – U706Mat BissettGinny Headn/an/an/an/a
5 -July25 miles – U703Bvacantvacantvacantvacantn/an/a
Evesham Inter-Club
Cancelled to be re-allocated as another event. Details to follow
19-July10 miles – U706vacantvacantn/an/an/an/a
26- July25 miles – U703Bvacantvacantvacantvacantn/an/a
2 – Aug10 miles – U706vacantvacantn/an/an/an/a
9 – Aug5 mIles - U706Bvacantn/an/an/an/an/a
16 – AugUCHS Salters Hillvacantn/an/an/an/an/a
23 – AugUCHA Aggs Hillvacantn/an/an/an/an/a
31 - Dec Charity Event
10 mile
Course to be confirmed

Hill Climb Fortnight

14th August – Velo to confirm

16th August – UCHS Salters Hill

21st  August – Velo to confirm

23 August – UCHA Aggs Hill