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Flat Seasons Endings and details of the Hill Climb Fortnight

Congratulations to John Gould, Scott McArdle, Graham Steer, Rachel Green, Rich Walklate and Mark Zikking, who are our flat calendar champions for 2017! Check out the results on the league tables, where you’ll see that there were a number of close battles, with Anthony Ballinger (division E) and Gary Rickards (division A) coming particularly close to victory.

Anthony and Gary can at least console themselves in sharing the golden spanner award of 2017, with each failing to finish two TT’s due to mechanical mishaps. Commiserations chaps!

We will hand out the prizes at the Corner Cupboard Pub in Winchcombe on 24 August at around 8pm, just after the Salters Hill time trial. 

Speaking of which…..

We enter hill climb mode for the next two weeks, with Tuesday events being organised by Velo Vitesse and Thursday events by Cheltenham and County. The HQs are at the bottom of the climbs, with sign on from 6pm and the start at 7:01 pm.

Tuesday 15 August, Birdlip Hill Strava segment (check the exact locations of the start/finish with Velo Vitesse)

Thursday 17 August, Corndean Hill,  Strava segment

Tuesday 22 August, Sudely Hill, Strava segment (check the exact locations of the start/finish with Velo Vitesse)

Thursday 24 August, Salters Hill, Strava segment

3 August 10 mile TT

The last 10 of the season, and sadly it won’t quite be 10o miles! Roadworks near the Teddington Roundabout mean we are going to run a shortened course. The start will be in the usual location in the layby. The finish will be opposite the same layby. This will make closer to 9 miles.

The week after (10 Aug) will be the last flat event of the season. I will give out the prizes to the league winners at the end of the evening.

27 July 25 mile TT and new organisers

We are all set for next week, last minute road works and car crashes notwithstanding!

The results are all up to date after last night and we have also finally got the Bredon results up. Thanks to Graham Steer for doing last nights ones.

We are still on the hunt for new organisers for next season. Rather than have one person do everything, we are trying to get a few people on board to divide up the tasks.  If you are able to help out on a regular basis, whether it be with the occasional admin tasks or even time keeping then let me know.  I have found it to be fun and rewarding, particularly if you care about how the events are run and want a chance improve and innovate things. We’ve come a long way in the last 3 years but there is still plenty that could be done to make the events better.

Bredon results and 20 July TT

Apologies about the lack of Bredon Hill results on 13th July, we are expecting them to appear on the Evesham Wheelers website (it was an Evesham event). Rest assured that they will appear at some point. If you don’t know your time then email me and I can find out, though unfortunately I can’t post the full details.

We are all set for a regular 10 mile TT this week, usual HQ and times. Scroll down the page for info if you are a newcomer.

Hill climbs

The events are now on the calendar. They are

15 August, Birdlip Hill, Velo Vitesse organising

17 August, Corndean Hill, Cheltenham organising

22 August, Sudely Hill, Velo Vitesse organsing

24 August, Salters Hill, Cheltenham organising



8 July Update

It was a rather quick night for timetrialling at our 10 mile event last week. Jonathan Shubert, a former national champ over 24 hours, did a 20:55, followed by Jon Gould with a 21:26. We wrongly stated that this was the fasted time since Rich Prebble rode a 20:14 in 1995, because Alan Warburton posted a very quick 20:37 on 20 August 2009. Sorry for missing this Alan, we are very happy to publish this correction!

We are doing the Bredon Hill Lap on 13th July. HQ is at Elmley Castle – please park considerately.

29 June TT

Sigh… roadworks on the Winchcombe – Toddington Road mean we are switching to a 10m TT on the usual course with the usual HQ at Teddington Village Hall. Sign on opens at 6pm.

I am starting to plan the hill climb fortnight which will take place on tues 15, thurs 17, tues 22 and thurs 24 August .  Our co-organisers Velo Vittesse will organise the tuesday events and CCCC will do the thursday ones. At the moment, the CCCC events will be on Salters Hill and Aggs Hill, but I am open to suggestions. Let me know your thoughts!

22nd June 10 mile TT

We are all set for this week’s 10. Hopefully the weather will still be lovely and we’ll get some quick times.

Last week’s event was sadly cancelled due to a road closure after car crash shortly before the start. This season is feeling jinxed!


15 June 25 Mile TT

The recent 10m TT was moved to the Wednesday which meant for a lower turnout, but it was a nice little event with a good atmosphere.  Thanks to Neil Dooley for doing  the signs and marshalling. Results are on the results page.


1 June 25 Mile TT

We are all set for the 25. The roadworks look to have settled down and the event should go ahead as planned. Thanks to all the volunteers and to Winchcombe CC for their help.

I still need a few volunteers for future events. Thanks to those who signed up yesterday and to those who promised to get back to me.

The results from last week and the Gloucester event the week before are loaded on the site, and I’ve had a little fiddle with the leagues to make sure everyone is in the right league. I’ve promoted/demoted a few people – please shout if you think this is unjust!

The 25m HQ is at Isborne Industrial Estate in Winchcombe.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a reminder of the course.

25th May 10 Mile TT

All looks set for the 10 mile this week and with luck it won’t be disrupted by the dreaded roadworks. We’ll be checking the course late on Wednesday and will update this page if there are any problems.

11th May Time Trial and other snippets


Thursday night’s TT will very likely be on the Wormington Circuit (long) with the start moved to Church Lane, Toddington. The HQ and sign on will still be at Teddington Village Hall. Course information is on the HQs and Courses page. This is due to more roadworks, this time by the Orchard Industrial Estate.  Here is the course: https://www.strava.com/routes/8656311

Thanks to Velo Vitesse for running a very successful event last week on the Gloucester City 10 mile course.

The results for the events so far are on the website. Please take a look and let me know about any mis-spellings or if you are in the wrong league (see the Rules). There are normally one or two mistakes early on.

On the 18th May we will be back at the Staunton course for the interclub with Gloucester City. The sign on will be on Pillows Green Road (link to map) and sign on opens at 18:30. Course details are on the Gloucester website

Looking further ahead, the June 8th TT will likely be moved to Wednesday 7th June. This is because Teddington Village Hall is to be used as a polling station.

I still need volunteers to help marshal. If you are a regular rider and haven’t volunteered then please sign up.

Finally, I will stepping down as organiser of the club TT’s at the end of the season. Its been great fun but it’s time to let someone else have a go.  Please do ask if you are interested to know more.

2017 Calendar

The calendar shows all the events for this year.

  • Velo Vitesse organise events alongside Cheltenham and County as part of the league calendar. This is hugely welcome and we encourage any other clubs reading this to get involved too.
  • We have interclub TTs with Evesham and Gloucester each year. Everyone is free to enter these, not just members of these clubs
  • We have a calendar of flat events running until Mid August
  • Hill climb fortnight will be on again – 4 events in two weeks at the end of August. We are still mulling over which course to use. Which do you suggest?

As usual, we need volunteers for all the events to help put out event signs and marshalling. All regular riders are expected to pitch in and help. Check out the event calendar and volunteer rota and email Harry to reserve your slot.

The league format has 5 leagues, with riders placed into a league based on their ability against the clock.

We hope this format promotes competition. Riders of similar ability compete against each other, irrespective of their age or gender. If you are a 75 year-old who regularly does 27’s, you will compete against any other riders posting similar times.

The full league rules can be seen on the Rules page.

General Event Information


  • Check out the HQs and Courses for all the events. Please note we have a new HQ for 5 and 10 mile events – Teddington Village Hall.
  • Entry is £5 per rider + £1 if you aren’t with a CTT affiliated club. Entry is on the night. You must be at least12 years old, U18s must have parental consent. See the rules
  • Sign-on opens at 6.00pm,  closes at 6.40pm and all events start at 7.01pm.
  • The time keepers may need to cap entry if turn out is particularly high or the light is particularly bad – please respect their decisions.
  • Anyone can enter ride our events. If you intend to ride regularly, you will be expected to help run at least one event. See the rota to volunteer
  • Information on the events is provided further down this page.
  • A rear flashing red light on your bike is a good idea.

When you have finished your ride


  • Please return to the HQ (for 10’s this is Teddington Village Hall. Suggested route: https://goo.gl/maps/lmmny)
  • You can collect your result from the village hall once the last rider has finished or from the website later that evening.
  • This is for safety (there is very little room and too much traffic) and to allow the time keeper to do their job.

Any questions? Contact Harry


We had a question about what to do when marshalling. Here is a clarification of the role:

  • Their job is simply to have a presence on the roundabout to increase awareness for riders and drivers.
  • They should simply point the direction of travel to the rider using the red flag.
  • It is up to the rider to check whether the road is clear – do not rely on the marshal to do this for you.
  • Marshals are not allowed to stop traffic or attempt to.

Check out the HQs and Courses page for more information on helper tasks for each course.

10 Mile Course

Check out the HQs and Courses page for information on the course route

The HQ is at Teddington Village (link to map). Please be very considerate when parking

  • Only park in the green shaded areas on the map below
  • Please leave passing spaces between the car in front of you when parking in the lanes – long lines of closely parked cars are awkward for passing traffic
  • Please be considerate when getting changes in or near you vehicles – don’t put on a striptease! This is a serious request! The village hall is more than suitable for getting changed.
  • Let the organiser know of any issues.

parking map

 25 Mile Events


Detailed map: https://goo.gl/BJFHMA

The HQ is at Isbourne Industrial Estate, off B4632 0.5 mile north of Winchcombe.  Please park considerately on the roads of the estate.

Sign on opens from around 6pm. First rider is off at 19.01.

As is usual now, please head straight back to the HQ after you finish and do not bother the time keeper.

Check out the HQs and Courses page for additional information

Reverse 10 Mile Course

The Reverse 10 runs from Toddington to Teddington and back (rather than the other way around).

Here is what you need to know:

  • The HQ will be at Isborne Industrial Estate, the one we use for the 25 mile TTs. Do not go to Teddington Village Hall or the Orchard Industrial Estate.
  • The start is just south of the Toddington Roundabout. There is not much room here and the waiting area is quite compact. Please don’t arrive at the start more than 5 minutes before you start time. There will be a marshal here to keep things orderly!
  • You will do U – turn at the large roundabout at Teddington. There will be marshals present.
  • The finish is on just after you pass the Orchard Industrial Estate, which will be on your left hand side
  • As ever, please remember that it is you must obey all traffic laws and give way at junctions and roundabouts. The marshals cannot provide any assistance to you.

Check out the HQs and Courses page for additional information

5 mile events

The start is outside Toddington Village Hall. The HQ is at Teddington Village Hall. Careful not to get these the wrong way around!

The finish is the same as the one for the 10 mile events – just before Teddington Hands Rounabout.

We will ask you to

  • not perform any kind of U-turn near the start area. Please go up to the roundabout at Toddington to turn round and get to the start.
  • not to warm up on the course once the event has started.

Check out the HQs and Courses page for additional information