Club Rules


The Club shall be called the Cheltenham and County Cycling Club.


To promote recreational cycling & cycle sport in Cheltenham and the surrounding area.

  • To organise recreational cycling activities for members.
  • To organise competitive cycling events for members.
  • To organise events within the disciplines of the major national cycle sport organisations.
  • To organise social activities for members.
4.1 Classes of Membership
4.1.1 Full Member.

There are four classes of Full Member based on age:

    • Juvenile Member – Aged 15 and under on January 1st.
    • Junior Member – Aged 16 or 17 on January 1st.
    • Senior Member – Aged between 18 and 64 on January 1st.
    • Member over 65 – Aged 65 and over on January 1st.

Full Members are entitled to all the benefits of Club membership.

4.1.2 Family Member.

Defined as the wife, husband and regular partner living at the same address, or child under 18, of a Full Member. Family Members are entitled to all the benefits of Club membership.

4.1.3 Second Claim Members.

Defined as any member ,who is a First Claim Member of another cycling club. Second Claim Members are entitled to all the benefits of Club membership except as limited by Rule 8.1.1.

4.1.4 Associate Members.

Defined as a non-active member, who wishes to remain in contact with the club. Associate members are not entitled to any other benefits of membership.

4.2 Subscriptions

4.2.1 Subscriptions are due on January 1st. and run for the calendar year. Cut-off date is the end of February.
4.2.2 The annual subscription for each class of membership shall be set at the AGM and shall take effect from the day following the AGM.
4.2.3 The subscriptions of new members joining after October 1st. shall be valid until December 31st. of the following year.
4.2.4 Members who have not paid their subscriptions by February 28th, shall be deemed to have resigned from the club and all benefits of membership shall cease.

4.3 Application for membership

4.3.1 Applications renewals and payment shall be made using the British Cycling web site, those without internet access should refer to a committee member.
4.3.2 The benefits and responsibilities of membership shall commence from the date of receipt of the Membership Application Form and subscription by either the Membership Secretary or the Treasurer.
4.3.3 The General Committee reserves the right to refuse an application for membership in which case the subscription monies shall be returned.

4.4 Responsibilities of membership

4.4.1 Members are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the club ride guidelines. Abide by current legislation. Behave in a manner conducive to safety and at all times to uphold the good name of the Club.
4.4.2 Members are required to obey the instructions of Club Officials, or their deputies, and ride leaders regarding their conduct while participating in Club activities.

5.1 Officers of the Club

5.1.1 Officers forming the General Committee of the Club:
– President
– Chairman
– General Secretary
– Treasurer
– Membership Secretary
– Road Captain
– Racing Captain
– Coaching Co-ordinator
– Mountain Bike Captain
– Ladies Captain
– Communications /Web master
– Social Secretary
5.1.2 Other Officers:
– Trophy and awards manager
– Scrapbook Custodian
– Clothing Officer
5.1.3 All Officers, with the exception of the President, shall be elected annually at the AGM. The President shall be elected at an AGM. All officers can serve for a period of five years or more by agreement.
5.1.4 The Club shall maintain written Job Descriptions for all Officers. These shall be reviewed by the General Committee, and updated as necessary, prior to each AGM.
5.1.5 In the event of any Officer resigning, the General Committee shall have the power to immediately appoint a replacement.

5.2 Membership of the General Committee

5.2.1 The members of the General Committee shall be the Officers of the Club as listed in Rule 5.1.1.
5.2.2 The General Committee shall meet not less often than once every eight weeks. Members shall receive not less than 7 days notice of the meeting.
5.2.3 Five members of the General Committee shall form a quorum.
5.2.4 If any member of the General Committee is absent, without reason, from three consecutive meetings the remaining members shall have the power to declare his office void and shall immediately appoint another member in his place.
5.2.5 Officers representing Sub-Committees may, if unable to attend a meeting of the General Committee, arrange for their place to be taken by another member of the appropriate Sub-Committee who shall have full voting powers.

5.3 Duties of the General Committee

5.3.1 To direct the activities of the Club and to organise Club Events.  To Consider any incentives to encourage participation in running club events.
5.3.2 To manage and control the financial expenditure of the Club.
5.3.3 To formulate the terms of reference,  Stipends and  budgets  for the Committee members  and co-ordinators .
5.3.4 To set the number and value of any prizes to be contested at Club and open  Events.
5.3.5 To expel or otherwise discipline any Member of the Club upon due cause being shown.
5.3.6 To suspend any Officer of the Club upon due cause being shown.
5.3.7 To call a Special General Meeting of the Club for any purpose whatsoever.
5.3.8 To carry out all other such acts, as they deem necessary, on behalf of the Club.
5.3.9 In every case, the decision of the General Committee shall be final.

5.4 Sub-Committees

5.4.1 Sub-Committees shall be formed of club members co-opted by the relevant activity co-ordinator listed in Rule 5.1.1.
5.4.2 Captains and Co-ordinators should ideally ensure that their Sub-Committees include members who are not elected to the General Committee.
5.4.3 Co-ordinators shall present their recommendations for co-optees for ratification by the first general Committee meeting of the new year, and notify any changes to subsequent Committee meetings.

6.1 General meetings

6.1.1 Members shall receive notice not less than 21 days before the General Meeting. Such notice is deemed to be given by publishing on the CCCC web site.
6.1.2 Propositions for consideration to be included as AOB shall reach the General Secretary in writing no later than 14 days before the General Meeting.
6.1.3 Copies of the agenda shall be available to members on the CCCC web site, no later than 3 days before the General Meeting.
6.1.4 A quorum at a General Meeting shall be the least of, 20 members, or one quarter of the Club membership as at 21 days before the date of the Meeting.

6.2 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

6.2.1 The AGM shall be held not later than November 30th each year.
6.2.2 The business to be conducted at the AGM shall consist of the following as a minimum:

a) Presentation of the annual accounts.
b) Setting of the annual subscription.
c) Election of the Officers of the Club.
d) The making, altering, and rescinding of such Club Rules as may be deemed necessary.

6.2.3 Copies of the annual accounts shall be available to members at the AGM.
6.2.4 No member may vote at an AGM unless his subscription for the current year has already been paid.

6.3 Special General Meetings (Otherwise referred to as SGMs).

6.3.1 A SGM may be called by the General Committee at any time for any purpose whatsoever.
6.3.2 A SGM may be called on a requisition signed by not less than ten members, the requisition to state clearly the nature of the business.

6.4 Alterations to the Club Rules

6.4.1 Club Rules may only be made, altered, or rescinded at a General Meeting

7.1 Financial

7.1.1 The financial year shall run from November 1st. to October 31st.

7.2 Bank account

7.2.1 A Club bank account (or accounts) shall be opened and maintained.
7.2.2 Cheques shall be drawn under the joint signatures of the Treasurer and another Officer of the Club nominated by the General Committee.

7.3 Accounts for Club Events

7.3.1 Organisers of Club Events shall pass an account, and any monies due to the Club, to the Treasurer within 28 days of the Event unless agreed otherwise by the Treasurer.

8.1 Eligibility for holding Club Trophies

8.1.1 Only First Claim Members, riding in the name of the Club, shall be eligible to hold Club Trophies and Club Records.
8.1.2 The General Committee shall have the power to waive Rule 8.1.1 and allow Second Claim Members to hold Club Trophies and Club Records if, in their opinion, there are special circumstances which make this desirable.

8.2 Claiming prizes

8.2.1 Any prize not claimed before the end of the Club Financial Year (As Rule 7.1.1) in which it is issued shall be considered to be forfeited.

9.1 Application of the Rules

9.1.1 In these Rules the words ‘he’ (and derivatives thereof) shall be deemed to apply to both sexes, except where stated otherwise.

9.2 Club Colours

9.2.1 The Club colours shall include yellow and blue.


Members may participate in:

  • A regular programme of road and off-road recreational rides, led by experienced cyclists.
  • A summer series of club time trials.
  • Races under the rules of the various governing bodies.
  • A programme of training rides and related coaching activities.
  • A programme of social activities.

Members receive:

  • Cycle clothing in Club colours at subsidised prices.
  • Entry fees support for races,  when entered as a CCCC Team.
  • Information and advice on all aspects of cycle sport.
  • The support of other competitors.
  • The friendship of others with similar interests.
  • Affiliation to the major national cycling organisations.

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