The club’s first 2018 TT Event will start at 9.01 am on Sunday 11th March and will be limited to 45 Competitors.  This restriction is due to fluctuating traffic counts on the A46 after 10.00 am due to retail parks opening, car boot sales etc. and that this is our first event on this new course, so caution prevails.  Competitors will be entered on a first come, first serve basis and the HQ will be at Dumbleton Village Hall (WR11 7TP) which will be open from 8 Am – 12 Noon.

As a reminder I attach the village hall access map below, and please remember that if you choose to park in Dairy Lane (leads to the village hall on the left), you only park on the right hand side to allow traffic to access the cricket club at the end of this road.

There will be complimentary Tea / Coffee / Biscuits provided for use while the village hall is available to us.

I anticipate that though this event is early in the season, if the weather is kind on the day, there will be some very fast times, as the profile of this course should be very favorable for TT competitors.

I also attach the updated Risk Assessment Rev A for this event only.

I hope the attending competitors enjoy this event, but be safe and look forward to meeting a lot of you there. Unfortunately I will be monitoring and Marshaling this event to see how things go, but I will be in my skin suit competing when the club League events commence from Thursday evening (19:01 hrs) on Thursday 12th April.


Dumbleton Village Hall HQ, Access and Parking (Final)

New 10 – U715 – Method Statement for TT Comp 11.3.18 Rev A


Gary Rickards

TT Captain


I am pleased to now provide details on this years time trial events, which can be found on our TT Pages under the Road Tab :

We kick off the season with an early TT race on Sunday 11th March at either 9 – 9:30 am (to be confirmed) on the Clubs new 10 Mile U715 Course and then the League Series commences from Thursday Evening on 12th April at 7.01 pm.

I hope Club Members enjoy the League Series along with competitors from other clubs.

Let the Events begin!

Gary Rickards

TT Captain


The final newsletter for 2017 has just been sent and should be in everyone’s email.  It covers a number of topics including HONC 2018, the new TT course, an update on our Facebook group and many other things that you may be interested in.

Membership renewal is now due and the process is all online through the British Cycling portal.

You should see a tab called “Join our club”, just select the right subscription…but bear in mind there is no “Renewal” option, you need to effectively buy membership as though from new.

Any problems then give Robin a shout, he is the one in the smashing Xmas jersey 😉

For those wanting to work up an appetite for Boxing Day lunch and afternoon festivities, Chris Vevers is organising a Boxing Day ride. The ride will start from the Pump Rooms at 9:30 and take a rolling route up to Pendock and then back via a coffee stop at ~11:30 in Tewkesbury.

Just a quick note to thank everyone for making last night’s club Xmas bash so enjoyable, another job well done by Laura!  It was great to see Harry out front and leading a hungry peleton once again…as the huge pile of food completely vanished with only empty plates left within minutes!  The full list of the annual awards can now be found on our Membership Awards page here.  The list of names reflects another fantastic year of achievement by riders in the club so a big “Well done” to all those who gave it a go and pinned a number on.

The club’s recognition awards were divided into 3 categories, and it is fair to say that the bar was set very high this year by the many individuals who worked really hard to make the club the success it is (350 members at end of year).  In each of the 3 areas though, it is fair to say that the names listed really stood out and they fully deserve the recognition that the awards are intended to give:

  • MTB Trophy, For outstanding contribution to Mountain Biking in year.  Rich Preston
  • Ian Cowell Memorial Shield, Best overall contribution to Club Activities.  Dave Tucker
  • Ron Carlton Trophy, Most outstanding contribution to Group Rides (Road or MTB).  Nigel Woodcock

All the best and a Happy Christmas from the club team.

Ross Holland – Fastest 10 on a club course

Rachel Green – Fastest 10 and/or 25 TT by a female rider on a club course

Ross Holland – Fastest 25 by any member on a club course

Ross Holland – Based on handicaps in club 10 and 25 mile TTs

Jack Mundinano – Grimpeur Trophy

Rachel Green – Based on standards in clubs 10 and 25 mile TT’s for female

Alistair Hardy – Most improved TT rider

Gordon Smillie – Most Vets points in Western Cyclocross

Sam Smith – Most senior points in Western Cyclocross

Henry Johnson – Most Youth points in Western Cyclocross

Rich Preston – for contribution to MTBing in year

Rich Wiggers – Best MTB crash


Jeff Manner – Calamity Jane Award

Gary Potts – Fastest Protective Boot of the year

Dave Tucker – Best overall contribution to Club Activities

Nigel Woodcock – Most outstanding contribution to Group Rides

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