What to do and what to expect

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This page has general information on what to do at our club events – any beginners or riders new to our events should have a read through.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email harrywalton500@gmail.com.  Ask anything you like – we are really keen to make everyone welcome.


See the calendar for information on when and where to meet.

Our events are open to everyone including members and non-members. You must be at least 14 years old and U18s Parent, must bring a completed and signed the clubs parental consent form.  Here is a copy of the form. You can also get one on the day.

When you sign on, you fill in some basic details, pay the entry fee and get your number. The number also tells you what time you start – if you are number 14 you start at 7.14pm, if you are number 2 you start at 7.02pm and so on.

You should pin your number before you start. Place it as low on your back / derriere  as possible so the time keeper can see it when you cross the finish line.

Entry info:

  • Entry is on the day only (for now) and is from 6pm to about 6.45pm.
  • The costs are £5 for adults, £3 for under 18s.  You have to pay an extra £1 if you aren’t a member of a CTT affiliated club.
  • We now take card payments, but please bring cash as a back up in case of teething problems.
  • We may have to limit rider numbers depending on daylight hours and the weather, though this is very rare.
  • Entry is first-come-first-served, with the exception that the first 10 spots (maximum, to be decided on the day) will be reserved for women so they can compete directly against each other. So the first female will start at 7.01pm and the first male rider will start at 7.11 pm at the earliest.

Warming up

  • warming up is very important. Try and get in 30 minutes before your ride starts. Make it very steady riding with a few short hard efforts thrown in. You want to be sweating on the start line!
  • Make sure you have eaten during the day and are hydrated. You won’t need a drink during the race itself.
  • please DO NOT warm up on the course once the event has started, though you can ride down the course to get to the the start line.
  • There are plenty of good side roads to warm up on [suggestions to be published here soon! – harry)
  • You are free to use turbo trainers if you like.

Getting to the start

The approximate distance from Orchard Industrial Estate HQ to the start line is 3.2 miles. Allow around 13 minutes to cover this distance at an average speed of 15 mph. Make it the last bit of your warm up.

When you get there,

  • please continue a good 100 meters past the layby and when it is safe to do so, cross the road and return to the start line. This way you’ll avoid disrupting anyone who is about to start.
  • You must stay off the road and only stay within the Lay-By (for limits please refer to the clubs Covid – 19 safe procedures document).
  • Due to social distancing we can only have a maximum of 6 riders at the start line, and riders are advised to target 4 minutes ahead of their start time

You must have a working rear red light at the start of your ride. CTT Regulation 14 states that ‘No competitor shall be permitted to start an event unless such competitor has affixed to the rear of their bike a working rear red light, either flashing or constant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible to other road users’. As the club needs to comply with the CTT rules, please ensure you have a working rear light, otherwise you cannot compete in our event.


Ride on the left hand side of the road and try and avoid wandering into the middle and right hand side of the road unless overtaking or right hand turns.

Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted. If another rider catches you, you must let them continue on and do not try and jump on their wheel.

When you cross the ‘Finish Line’  shout out your race number to the time keeper.

After finishing the event return to the HQ to give your number back and and get your time. Please do not stop and see the time keeper at the finish line.

After the race

Results are available at the HQ after the last rider has finished and then on the internet (usually) later that evening. And there is always strava too!

In addition, the clubs First Aid Box will be at hand with an accident book, just so riders are aware – hopefully it will never be used!

Please also note that the TT Captain for the event on the day will be Harry Walton, who you can ask for at sign on.

For other general queries before the event, then please contact Gary at tt@cheltenhamandcounty.cc or on 07887 400239.



We ask for one helper volunteer at every event from the regular riders to be a marshal. The calendar shows where we have gaps and how to volunteer.

Please note, that if we do not have a volunteer by 18:00 hrs on the Wednesday before the event, then the event is likely to be cancelled, due to reasonable notice being required to the Time Keepers, Village Hall Secretary and avoid the TT Captains time.

A Marshals role is as follows:

  • Their job is simply to have a presence on a roundabout to increase awareness for riders and vehicle drivers.
  • They should simply point the direction of travel to the rider as they approach, using the red flag.
  • It is up to the rider to check whether the road is clear – do not rely on the marshal to do this for you. Please follow the Highway Code.
  • Marshals are not allowed to stop traffic or attempt to.
  • All Marshals wear a tabard