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Winchcombe/Wormington Circuit
Distance: 22.0 miles
HQ: Isbourne Industrial Estate, off B4632 1/2 mile north of Winchcombe.
Course map:
Start on B4632 25 yards north of Chandos Street, Winchcombe, opposite Stop Cock on pavement at northerly end of driveway to The Grange (GR SP 027 285). Proceed north on B4632 and at Toddington Island take 2nd exit (B4077). After approx 2 miles take first road on left to Wormington (unclassified road), where left to junction with B4078 (Sedgeberrow to Winchcombe road). Turn left to junction with B4077, where left to Toddington traffic island where left onto B4632 to start 2nd circuit. At Toddington Island, on 2nd circuit, take 3rd Exit (B4632 to Winchcombe) and finish on approach to Winchcombe, opposite Stop Cock on pavement on Isbourne river bridge (SP 028 287).
Course Record is 54:55 by Mike Potter on 18th July 2008. This course was used as a short term alternative when the U703A was unavailable.