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Harvington - Alcester
Distance: 10.0 miles
HQ: On Norton - Bidford road, near junction with road from Harvington.
Course map:
Start on unclassified road (Norton - Bidford on Avon road), 200 yards north of road from Harvington (GR SP062494). Proceed north through Salford Priors to island junction with A46. Take 1st exit (A46) to junction with Alcester bypass ("Little Chef"). Encircle island, taking 3rd exit, to retrace along A46 to island junction with unclassified Norton - Bidford on Avon road. Take 3rd exit and continue through Salford Priors to Finish in line with tarmac square about 150 yards past village sign "Abbot's Salford" (GR SP065496).
The course record, but it is probably the fastest 10 course in the area. This course is also used by Evesham Wheelers and Stratford CC for both club and open events.