Club Competitions

These trophies are only for Cheltenham and County Club Members


Awarded to the top ranked club member in the Aggs Hill Time Hill Climb.


The standards competition is based age and gender standard times for the 10 and 25 mile events. Each rider has a standard target time based on their age and gender (T), which can be used with the actual time (A) in which they complete the course to calculate a score (S):

S = 1000 * T / A

If a rider matches their target time they get a score of 1000, if the beat it they will get a score greater than 1000. The best ride of each event is the ride that gets the highest score.

The winner of the standards competition will be the rider with the highest total score for their best best 10 and 25 mile rides of the season.

The target times are listed in CCCC_time_trial_age_based_standards.pdf.

View the standards standings.

Upcoming Events
Sunday, 19 Sep 2021
  • Road (28 - 32 km/hr): Sportive - Charlbury - The Old Shed Cafe at Banbury Hill Farm (Approx 1500 metres of climbing 72 miles)
Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021
Saturday, 25 Sep 2021