Time Trial Leagues – All Comers

These are not formal club competitions. They are simply to allow all riders easily to compare their season’s best performances.

10 Miles

10 Mile Scratch League10 Mile Standards League
1Ross HollandSaint Piran00:20:31Ross HollandSaint Piran1244
2Jonathan ShubertArctic RC00:20:46Sam Smith(CC-CC Day Member)1228
3Sam Smith(CC-CC Day Member)00:21:26Jonathan ShubertArctic RC1223
4Harry WaltonCheltenham & County CC00:21:52Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC1223
5Carlo ToledoGloucester City CC00:22:21Carlo ToledoGloucester City CC1207
6Nicholas SmaleCheltenham & County CC00:22:26Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC1199
7Ben PriceCheltenham & County CC00:22:29Arja ScarsbrookBush Healthcare1196
8Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC00:22:30Nigel JonesGloucester City CC1193
9Dominic RuaneCheltenham & County CC00:22:32Jacob HardyCheltenham & County CC1182
10Jacob HardyCheltenham & County CC00:22:36Harry WaltonCheltenham & County CC1180
11Robert EvansCheltenham & County CC00:22:36Robert EvansCheltenham & County CC1174
12Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC00:22:43David AndersonCheltenham & County CC1152
13Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC00:22:47Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC1151
14Nigel JonesGloucester City CC00:23:14Ben PriceCheltenham & County CC1148
15Mike SkidmoreCheltenham & County CC00:23:24Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC1142
16David AndersonCheltenham & County CC00:23:25Andrew Simpkins Solihull CC1139
17Matthew HillGloucester City CC00:23:35Jon MansfieldCheltenham & County CC1136
18Sheldon FryArtic RC00:23:36Jo WilkieRide 24/71134
19Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC00:23:37Dominic RuaneCheltenham & County CC1134
20Jon MansfieldCheltenham & County CC00:23:37Nicholas SmaleCheltenham & County CC1132
21Vincent DouglasGloucester City00:23:44Vincent DouglasGloucester City1124
22George SheppardVC Montpelier00:23:51Adrian RowleyGloucester City CC1119
23Sam HardyUniversity of Bath CC00:23:51Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC1116
24Tim ButlerGloucester City CC00:23:58Scott McArdleCheltenham & County CC1114
25Simon WittsGloucester City CC00:24:02Vickie WilkinsonVelo Vitesse1112
26John DownieCheltenham & County CC00:24:15Simon WittsGloucester City CC1106
27Adrian RowleyGloucester City CC00:24:15Paul Willis(CC-CC Day Member)1105
28Richard GriffithsWinchcombe CC00:24:23Matthew HillGloucester City CC1105
29Toby DobbsCheltenham & County CC00:24:30Tim ButlerGloucester City CC1100
30Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC00:24:34Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC1098
31Rob BlackmunCheltenham & County CC00:24:37Sam HardyUniversity of Bath CC1090
32Colin RiceWinchcombe CC00:24:45Natalie JenksVelo Vitesse1084
33Anthony LakeGloucester City CC00:24:45Sheldon FryArtic RC1083
34Jo WilkieRide 24/700:24:48Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC1078
35Phiip Wooldridge Audax UK00:24:49Mario Heath(CC-CC Day Member)1077
36Simon WorsleyCheltenham & County CC00:24:50Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC1073
37Andrew Simpkins Solihull CC00:24:54Mike SkidmoreCheltenham & County CC1071
38Philip WooldrigeAudax UK00:24:56Anthony LakeGloucester City CC1068
39Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC00:24:57Neil DooleyCheltenham & County CC1067
40Scott McArdleCheltenham & County CC00:25:06Pete KellowGloucester City CC1066
41Mario Heath(CC-CC Day Member)00:25:16George SheppardVC Montpelier1064
42Nick DickinsonWinchcombe CC00:25:17Nick DickinsonWinchcombe CC1063
43Rich GriffithsWinchcombe CC00:25:18Colin RiceWinchcombe CC1059
44Oliver DammoneGloucester City CC00:25:22Simon WorsleyCheltenham & County CC1055
45Chris UdallGloucester City CC00:25:22Austen KearCheltenham & County CC1054
46Austen KearCheltenham & County CC00:25:27Richard GriffithsWinchcombe CC1051
47Pete KellowGloucester City CC00:25:28Chris UdallGloucester City CC1051
48Paul DouglasLovell CC00:25:28Elizabeth AfsethCheltenham & County CC1050
49Paul Willis(CC-CC Day Member)00:25:32Paul DouglasLovell CC1050
50Wooldridge PhilipAudax UK00:25:34Phiip Wooldridge Audax UK1047
51Vickie WilkinsonVelo Vitesse00:25:40Philip WooldrigeAudax UK1042
52Natalie JenksVelo Vitesse00:25:41John DownieCheltenham & County CC1030
53Neil DooleyCheltenham & County CC00:25:42Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC1027
54Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC00:25:53Sally Flewitt TTG1027
55James ReevesGloucester City CC00:26:03Toby DobbsCheltenham & County CC1023
56Jack SteelVC Montpellier00:26:06Rob BlackmunCheltenham & County CC1021
57Fry SheldonUnattached00:26:11Wooldridge PhilipAudax UK1016
58Arja ScarsbrookBush Healthcare00:26:25Rich GriffithsWinchcombe CC1013
59Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC00:26:44Oliver DammoneGloucester City CC994
60Ewan WrightGloucester City CC00:26:53James ReevesGloucester City CC987
61Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC00:26:59Fry SheldonUnattached976
62George HudsonGloucester City CC00:27:24Jack SteelVC Montpellier959
63Elizabeth AfsethCheltenham & County CC00:27:29Ewan WrightGloucester City CC939
64Sally Flewitt TTG00:28:33George HudsonGloucester City CC920
65Adam UnderwoodGloucester City CC00:29:53Andrew KeelingCheltenham & County CC861
66Andrew KeelingCheltenham & County CC00:30:35Andrew BarnesWinchcombe CC846
67Andrew BarnesWinchcombe CC00:30:53Adam UnderwoodGloucester City CC845
68Jane WildCheltenham Tri Club00:36:30Jane WildCheltenham Tri Club828

25 Miles

25 Mile Scratch League25 Mile Standards League
1Olly WilkinsVelo Vitesse00:59:32Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC1141
2Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC01:01:22Olly WilkinsVelo Vitesse1124
3Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC01:02:28Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC1113
4Matthew HillGloucester City CC01:03:28Matthew HillGloucester City CC1043
5Anthony LakeGloucester City CC01:06:02Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC1029
6Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC01:07:50Anthony LakeGloucester City CC1018