Time Trial Leagues – All Comers

These are not formal club competitions. They are simply to allow all riders easily to compare their season’s best performances.

10 Miles

10 Mile Scratch League10 Mile Standards League
1Jonathan ShubertArctic RC00:19:49Jonathan ShubertArctic RC1285
2Ross HollandSaint Piran00:20:17Harry WaltonCheltenham & County CC1253
3Sean TownsendGloucester City CC00:20:34Ross HollandSaint Piran1251
4Harry WaltonCheltenham & County CC00:20:40Charles ZanettacciCheltenham & County CC1241
5Phil BrushWinchcombe CC00:21:16Wayne MayerGloucester City CC1233
6Ben StockdaleCotswold Cycles00:21:21Sean TownsendGloucester City CC1217
7Wayne MayerGloucester City CC00:21:53Phil BrushWinchcombe CC1213
8Dan LetherbarrowCheltenham & County CC00:21:54Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC1200
9Charles ZanettacciCheltenham & County CC00:22:01Graham BrookhouseGloucester City CC1199
10Josh DieselAB Performance00:22:02Daryl StroudGloucester City CC1197
11Jordan WintleCheltenham & County CC00:22:02Louis BombroffNopinz1193
12Alex HarrisNCCC00:22:03Andrew ShiptonGloucester City CC1192
13Alexander Jones(CC-CC Day Member)00:22:04Dave FinnCheltenham & County CC1187
14Toby Fernandez(CC-CC Day Member)00:22:21Louis BombroeeNopinz1186
15Mike SkidmoreCheltenham & County CC00:22:22Andrew SimkinsEchelon Cycles1181
16Louis BombroffNopinz00:22:24Ben StockdaleCotswold Cycles1181
17Andrew ShiptonGloucester City CC00:22:30Toby Fernandez(CC-CC Day Member)1178
18Louis BombroeeNopinz00:22:32Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC1177
19Henry James (CC-CC Day Member)00:22:37Bruce DieselGRC1176
20Dave FinnCheltenham & County CC00:22:43G.BrookhouseVC Montpellier1174
21Daryl StroudGloucester City CC00:22:44Andrew Simpkins Echelon Cycles1171
22Bruce DieselGRC00:22:49Jordan WintleCheltenham & County CC1171
23Graham BrookhouseGloucester City CC00:22:52Lindsey LyesVelo Vitesse1165
24Ian LindsayGloucester City00:23:00Henry James (CC-CC Day Member)1164
25Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC00:23:01Marie BrushUnknown1161
26Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC00:23:01Josh DieselAB Performance1158
27Nick GardenorVOST RT00:23:06Ian LindsayGloucester City1153
28David TaylorTTC00:23:10Dan LetherbarrowCheltenham & County CC1153
29Gary RickardsCheltenham & County CC00:23:18Jonny Rawlings(CC-CC Day Member)1149
30G.BrookhouseVC Montpellier00:23:22Ellie MackmanCheltenham & County CC1148
31Jonny Rawlings(CC-CC Day Member)00:23:28David TaylorTTC1145
32Henry EveCotswold Cycles00:23:28Tara GrosvenorVelo Vitesse1144
33Paul WinstoneVelo Vitesse00:23:35Alex HarrisNCCC1141
34Philip WooldrigeAudax UK00:23:40David NieldVelo Vitesse1140
35Mark WarrenEchelon Cycles00:23:41Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC1139
36Mathhew Hill Gloucester City CC00:23:41Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC1136
37Ellie MackmanCheltenham & County CC00:23:43Alexander Jones(CC-CC Day Member)1134
38George SheppardVC Montpelier00:23:44Mark WarrenEchelon Cycles1133
39David NieldVelo Vitesse00:23:44Roger WhittleGloucester City CC1126
40Lindsey LyesVelo Vitesse00:23:44Vickie WilkinsonVelo Vitesse1125
41Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC00:23:45Mike SkidmoreCheltenham & County CC1124
42Matthew HillGloucester City CC00:23:48David AndersonCheltenham & County CC1113
43Roger WhittleGloucester City CC00:23:49Paul WinstoneVelo Vitesse1111
44James BellCheltenham Tri Club00:23:50Bryan Vaughan(CC-CC Day Member)1109
45Tara GrosvenorVelo Vitesse00:23:52Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC1106
46Mathew FlynnDBS00:23:53Mathhew Hill Gloucester City CC1104
47Steve RowleyTTG00:24:00Philip WooldrigeAudax UK1101
48Andrew SimkinsEchelon Cycles00:24:09Arja ScarsbrookEchelon Cycles1099
49David AndersonCheltenham & County CC00:24:19Matthew HillGloucester City CC1098
50Andrew Simpkins Echelon Cycles00:24:21Paul WillisCheltenham & County CC1094
51Marie BrushUnknown00:24:23Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC1089
52Bryan Vaughan(CC-CC Day Member)00:24:24Henry EveCotswold Cycles1088
53Sheldon Fry(CC-CC Day Member)00:24:41Nick GardenorVOST RT1082
54Will BaxterUnattached00:24:56Mathew FlynnDBS1077
55Simon WorsleyCheltenham & County CC00:25:05Neil DooleyCheltenham & County CC1076
56Nicholas SmaleCheltenham & County CC00:25:13Petra Vymetalova(CC-CC Day Member)1074
57Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC00:25:16Steve RowleyTTG1072
58Martin CarterTTC00:25:17Marianne Day(CC-CC Day Member)1068
59Tom RadleyTTC00:25:18George SheppardVC Montpelier1064
60Steve NormanArmy Cycling Union00:25:19Martin CarterTTC1058
61Vickie WilkinsonVelo Vitesse00:25:27Naomi Eaton(CC-CC Day Member)1058
62Neil DooleyCheltenham & County CC00:25:35James BellCheltenham Tri Club1048
63Steve Linton(CC-CC Day Member)00:25:36Simon WorsleyCheltenham & County CC1048
64Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC00:25:40Alice BeckettCheltenham Tri Club1044
65Petra Vymetalova(CC-CC Day Member)00:25:45Amber Bullingham(CC-CC Day Member)1039
66Marianne Day(CC-CC Day Member)00:25:54Mike SheltonCheltenham & County CC1039
67Alice BeckettCheltenham Tri Club00:25:59Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC1039
68Adam HockadayTri Team Gloucester00:26:02Sheldon Fry(CC-CC Day Member)1039
69Naomi Eaton(CC-CC Day Member)00:26:04Steve Linton(CC-CC Day Member)1039
70Paul WillisCheltenham & County CC00:26:04Steve NormanArmy Cycling Union1035
71Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC00:26:05Holly Dorrick(CC-CC Day Member)1027
72Amber Bullingham(CC-CC Day Member)00:26:17Elizabeth AfsethCheltenham & County CC1021
73Mike SheltonCheltenham & County CC00:26:24James Vaughan(CC-CC Day Member)1014
74Holly Dorrick(CC-CC Day Member)00:26:45Will BaxterUnattached1013
75James Vaughan(CC-CC Day Member)00:26:48Nicholas SmaleCheltenham & County CC1010
76Lloyd Wadden (CC-CC Day Member)00:27:35Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC1000
77Nigel Baker(CC-CC Day Member)00:27:54Adam HockadayTri Team Gloucester991
78Chris StirlingWinchcombe CC00:28:15Tom RadleyTTC989
79Elizabeth AfsethCheltenham & County CC00:28:22Nigel Baker(CC-CC Day Member)976
80John TompkinsCheltenham & County CC00:28:28Lloyd Wadden (CC-CC Day Member)956
81Lewis AndersonCheltenham & County CC00:28:55John TompkinsCheltenham & County CC950
82Arja ScarsbrookEchelon Cycles00:28:57Lewis AndersonCheltenham & County CC940
83Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC00:29:44Chris StirlingWinchcombe CC902
84Rob MillarCheltenham & County CC00:30:37Rob MillarCheltenham & County CC878
85Pat BoltonMagspeed Racing00:31:05Pat BoltonMagspeed Racing863

25 Miles

25 Mile Scratch League25 Mile Standards League