Time Trial Leagues – All Comers

These are not formal club competitions. They are simply to allow all riders easily to compare their season’s best performances.

10 Miles

10 Mile Scratch League10 Mile Standards League
1Ross HollandSaint Piran00:20:21Ross HollandSaint Piran1241
2Sean TownsendArk Cycles00:21:05Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC1204
3Mike SkidmoreCheltenham & County CC00:21:16Dave FinnCheltenham & County CC1200
4Dan LetherbarrowCheltenham & County CC00:21:27Mike SkidmoreCheltenham & County CC1186
5Dan FreemanCheltenham & County CC00:21:37Daryl StroudGloucester City CC1186
6Tom Biggs(CC-CC Day Member)00:21:45Sean TownsendArk Cycles1185
7Dave FinnCheltenham & County CC00:22:33Dan FreemanCheltenham & County CC1178
8Will HaynesCheltenham & County CC00:22:33Dan LetherbarrowCheltenham & County CC1173
9Jordan WintleCheltenham & County CC00:22:35David TaylorTewkesbury Tri Club1169
10Michael CrippsArmy Cycling Union00:22:45Graham BrookhouseVelo Vitesse1160
11David TaylorTewkesbury Tri Club00:22:45Tom Biggs(CC-CC Day Member)1149
12James DriverCheltenham & County CC00:22:49Jordan WintleCheltenham & County CC1146
13Ollie HanksRide 24/700:23:01Mark WarrenEchelon Cycles1145
14Daryl StroudGloucester City CC00:23:02Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC1136
15Graham WilsonCheltenham & County CC00:23:02Arja ScarsbrookEchelon Cycles1136
16Stuart HarveyCheltenham & County CC00:23:08Lindsey LyesArk Cycles1136
17Mark WarrenEchelon Cycles00:23:29Michelle Van DeventerCheltenham & County CC1133
18Joe GreyCheltenham & County CC00:23:33Roger WhittleGloucester City CC1133
19Joseph GreyCheltenham & County CC00:23:36Ollie HanksRide 24/71130
20Alex ClaridgeWinchcombe CC00:23:40Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC1128
21Andrew MilnerWorcester St. Johns00:23:42Andrew MilnerWorcester St. Johns1125
22Anthony LakeGloucester City CC00:23:43Alex ClaridgeWinchcombe CC1123
23Graham BrookhouseVelo Vitesse00:23:44Michael CrippsArmy Cycling Union1123
24Roger WhittleGloucester City CC00:23:44Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC1121
25Joe Harrell Winchcombe CC00:23:50Anthony LakeGloucester City CC1121
26David TuckerCheltenham & County CC00:23:56Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC1120
27Julian BullasCheltenham & County CC00:23:59Paul WillisCheltenham & County CC1118
28Philip WooldridgeVTTA00:24:01Will HaynesCheltenham & County CC1115
29Kris Poole(CC-CC Day Member)00:24:02Skylar Kan(CC-CC Day Member)1111
30Skylar Kan(CC-CC Day Member)00:24:03Kate Nimmo(CC-CC Day Member)1111
31Ben MitchellCheltenham & County CC00:24:08David TuckerCheltenham & County CC1105
32Rob TurnerCheltenham & County CC00:24:14Kris Poole(CC-CC Day Member)1104
33Tom RadleyTewkesbury Tri Club00:24:18James DriverCheltenham & County CC1102
34Lindsey LyesArk Cycles00:24:25Neive RichardsonCheltenham & County CC1100
35Vincent DouglasGloucester City00:24:26Vincent DouglasGloucester City1098
36Rowan ClaytonWinchcombe CC00:24:39Marie BrushWinchcombe CC1097
37Michelle Van DeventerCheltenham & County CC00:24:39Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC1090
38Tom BarlowCheltenham & County CC00:24:50Philip WooldridgeVTTA1088
39Jack SteelVC Montpellier00:24:57Rowan ClaytonWinchcombe CC1084
40Rob BrushWinchcombe CC00:24:58Joe GreyCheltenham & County CC1077
41Andrea UrbaniCheltenham Tri Club00:25:03Joseph GreyCheltenham & County CC1075
42James BellCheltenham & County CC00:25:15Neil DooleyCheltenham & County CC1071
43Iain McInnesGoode2Tri00:25:18Iain McInnesGoode2Tri1060
44Alistair HardyCheltenham & County CC00:25:20Richard WignallCheltenham & County CC1053
45Simon BoswellCheltenham & County CC00:25:23Joe Harrell Winchcombe CC1051
46Mark Watts-JonesWinchcombe CC00:25:33Simon BoswellCheltenham & County CC1051
47Matt WalfordCheltenham & County CC00:25:36Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC1044
48Tim BesienCheltenham & County CC00:25:36Petra Vymetalova(CC-CC Day Member)1043
49Kate Nimmo(CC-CC Day Member)00:25:38Mark Watts-JonesWinchcombe CC1041
50Paul WillisCheltenham & County CC00:25:39Andrea UrbaniCheltenham Tri Club1037
51Richard WignallCheltenham & County CC00:25:41Oliver Agonbar(CC-CC Day Member)1035
52Matthew AldredPittville Penguins00:25:41Ben MitchellCheltenham & County CC1035
53George RankinTewkesbury Tri Club00:25:45David ThomasWinchcombe CC1032
54Adam SchonbeckCheltenham & County CC00:25:47Sam BuddMagspeed Racing1031
55Neil DooleyCheltenham & County CC00:25:48Tom RadleyTewkesbury Tri Club1028
56Marie BrushWinchcombe CC00:25:52Tom BarlowCheltenham & County CC1028
57Graham SteerCheltenham & County CC00:25:53Rob BrushWinchcombe CC1024
58James AldredPittville Penguins00:25:58Miranda FosterCheltenham & County CC1024
59Mark ChickBristol CX00:25:58Mark ChickBristol CX1018
60Neive RichardsonCheltenham & County CC00:26:05Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC1014
61Sam ClarkCheltenham & County CC00:26:08Sam ClarkCheltenham & County CC1009
62Harry BurgessCheltenham & County CC00:26:16Matt WalfordCheltenham & County CC1008
63Ben HillPittville Penguins00:26:18Jack SteelVC Montpellier1002
64Petra Vymetalova(CC-CC Day Member)00:26:36Tony PayneCheltenham & County CC998
65Joe HoleCheltenham & County CC00:27:02Matthew AldredPittville Penguins992
66David ThomasWinchcombe CC00:27:06James BellCheltenham & County CC992
67Richie West(CC-CC Day Member)00:27:12Lisa PontingCheltenham & County CC991
68Tony PayneCheltenham & County CC00:27:17Adam SchonbeckCheltenham & County CC990
69Victory AkinjomoCheltenham & County CC00:27:20Becky Drewett(CC-CC Day Member)989
70Oliver Agonbar(CC-CC Day Member)00:27:21James AldredPittville Penguins987
71Sam BuddMagspeed Racing00:27:28George RankinTewkesbury Tri Club981
72Chris UdallGloucester City CC00:27:30Jane CetinelCheltenham & County CC980
73Elena EustaceCheltenham & County CC00:27:50Elena EustaceCheltenham & County CC979
74Mark Cowdell(CC-CC Day Member)00:28:02Chris UdallGloucester City CC975
75Arja ScarsbrookEchelon Cycles00:28:13Richie West(CC-CC Day Member)972
76Becky Drewett(CC-CC Day Member)00:28:26Ben HillPittville Penguins968
77Jim Budd(CC-CC Day Member)00:28:27Joe HoleCheltenham & County CC961
78Miranda FosterCheltenham & County CC00:28:32Harry BurgessCheltenham & County CC954
79Jane CetinelCheltenham & County CC00:28:53Jim Budd(CC-CC Day Member)948
80Zoe ThomasCheltenham & County CC00:29:05David SnowdonCheltenham & Country939
81Lisa PontingCheltenham & County CC00:29:13Zoe ThomasCheltenham & County CC936
82Rachel GreenCheltenham & County CC00:29:26Nick GayCheltenham & County CC917
83Nick GayCheltenham & County CC00:30:13Victory AkinjomoCheltenham & County CC914
84David SnowdonCheltenham & Country00:30:13Mark Cowdell(CC-CC Day Member)909
85Graham Atkinson(CC-CC Day Member)00:30:41Graham Atkinson(CC-CC Day Member)907
86Charlotte Kelly(CC-CC Day Member)00:30:57Mike AndersonCheltenham & County CC888
87Mike AndersonCheltenham & County CC00:31:06Charlotte Kelly(CC-CC Day Member)877

25 Miles

25 Mile Scratch League25 Mile Standards League