About Time Trialling

Time trialling is often the first and easiest way into racing bikes on the road in the UK.

Benefits of time trialling include a big improvement in your fitness, an introduction to competition for less confident riders, and a way to measure your absolute ability against both other riders and yourself. As they say, it’s the ‘race of truth’, with nowhere to hide!

The discipline has a long and often obscure history, which means that some of the rules and regulations it’s held under often seem impenetrable and frustrating for novices. To help overcome that, a more detailed explanation of time trialling may be found in our downloadable ‘Time_Trial_for_Beginners‘; document. As a section of cycling sport it does not market itself well, so if you’re new to it, please persevere it’ll be worth it in the long run!

Upcoming Events
Sunday, 19 Sep 2021
  • Road (28 - 32 km/hr): Sportive - Charlbury - The Old Shed Cafe at Banbury Hill Farm (Approx 1500 metres of climbing 72 miles)
Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021
Saturday, 25 Sep 2021