Winter Rides 2019/2020

Start 9.00 Prompt
Pittville Pump Rooms, Cheltenham

Please familiarise yourself with the routes.
Everyone should be taking turns at the front. Keep the pace even don’t accelerate as you move up. Flow up on the outside and smoothly ease across to the inside. Aim to have a constant movement of riders, moving up and down. Don’t stay on the front and don’t hang on the back. It is better to move up and roll through
This will share the load fairly and also improve bike handling skills in a moving group.

There will be at least two groups. C&CCC cannot sanction more than 12 riders per group.
1. Previously the numbers were getting too big to be safe, both through town and on busier roads. Antagonising the motorised public is not a good idea, and only gets cycling a bad name.
2. Big groups with the riders taking long turns on the front does not allow the training benefit to be shared by all the riders in the group.
3. The communication up and down large groups is at best poor or even non-existent, so riders get dropped or get punctures while the front riders often wouldn’t even know.
4. We are an inclusive club and we all have a duty to take care of each other.
Be realistic about your choice of groups and be considerate of others, particularly if you are one of the stronger members of the slower groups. You will need to reign it in a bit and switch to the faster group for subsequent weeks.

1st Group will set off at 9 am prompt.
Subsequent groups will leave a few minutes gap then set off at a steadier pace and should pick up any riders dropped from the groups ahead.

Let’s all work to make this a success right from the start, so that people know what is happening and understand what is expected of them.

The routes do get progressively longer and harder through February and March.
Make sure you bring sufficient food and drink to complete the ride. For the sake of everyone on the ride ensure you have a good set of tyres to minimise the chance of puncturing.

All constructive feedback will be very welcome, please contact the Road Captain or let them know of any issues.

Mudguards are imperative, so please show consideration for others in the group!

The routes can be found on the club calendar and at