Leisure Road Rides

If you like the idea of a pleasant ride in the countryside with a stop for refreshments and a relaxed chat we have several regular activities for you. The emphasis is on enjoyment with a steady pace and routes using the best of the local lanes. Regulars range in age from 14 to 70+ and can offer enthusiasm and a wealth of cycling experience to both new and established riders.

You are most welcome to come and join us for a few rides ( max 3) and see if we meet your requirements before you take out membership.

The minimum age for a rider to attend a club ride is 14 and before they join a club ride, they must have had completed by their Parent or Guardian the clubs ‘Parent Consent Form (PCF)’ and submitted this Form to the club Chairman or Road Captain. This applies between the age Group 14 to 18 years.

The PCF can be downloaded from the following link: 22.4.19 C&CCC Parental Consent (updated)

Saturday Rides

Leaving from Pittville Pump Rooms. See Calendar for destination and links to route details.

We have a number of set routes (currently eight) that we do in rotation visiting a good range of cafe destinations. Alternate weeks are easier (i.e. flatter) than others so have a look at the Calendar page for details and, if this is a new challenge, it will help you select one that is most suitable for you. The ride out is typically around 20 miles which gets us to the stop by 11.00 for a break of 20-30 minutes. The return to Cheltenham will be shorter at 10-12 miles and we are usually back by 12.30.

Our Leisure Rides (’14’ and ’16’ rides) are run at a pace that should be comfortable for the typical recreational/touring cyclist (averaging about 14 mph and 16mph respectively). Any variations on what people find ‘comfortable’ will usually show up most on hills so we have an understanding that we each go up at our own pace and regroup at the top for a breather before moving on.

These rides are popular with regular members but intended mainly as a good introduction to the club. If it is your first one just make yourself known and you will be directed to one of the senior members who will make you welcome. We naturally look out particularly for juniors but no one will be left behind and there is always plenty of advice available and help with punctures or mechanicals if needed.

As with all our rides it is a good idea to bring a spare tube along and in winter, if the roads are wet, you and the riders around you will really appreciate a set of mudguards.

For those looking for something a bit more challenging we have a Sports Ride (’18’  and ’20’ rides) that also leaves from Pittville Pump Rooms a few minutes before the Leisure Ride and heads to the same cafe by a longer route. Average speeds are accordingly higher at circa 18 and 20mph respectively mph so that we all reach the cafe at about the same time.

Sunday Rides

From April through to the end of October the club runs a longer ride each Sunday, departing from Pittville Pump Rooms at 8:30. These rides are of around 70 miles and are aimed at more experienced riders. The route is decided on the day, taking the weather into account and there will be a cafe stop.

During the winter months (November to March) we run our Classic Winter Training rides

Tuesday Rides

Leaving from Pittville Pump Rooms at 7.15 pm. See Calendar for destination.

If you can’t get out at the weekend or you are looking to build your fitness in a sociable way then our midweek evening rides could be what you are looking for. These run all year with the pub destinations varying to reflect the seasons (close to town in the winter, further afield for the summer) and the routes tailored to suit the weather on the day.

The pace is typically a little brisker than the Saturday Leisure Ride but it’s flexible dependant on who is out and the same ‘ride the hills at your own pace’ understanding applies.

We like to choose pubs with a bit of character and a decent real ale and we aim to get there by 8.45-9.00 for a 30-40 minute stop. This means that, for all but a few weeks in mid summer, you will need some sort of lights and in winter a reasonably powerful front light will make the rides safer and more enjoyable.

As with all our rides it is a good idea to bring a spare tube along and in winter, if the roads are wet, you and the riders around you will really appreciate a set of mudguards.