Leisure Road Rides

If you like the idea of a pleasant ride in the countryside with a stop for refreshments and a relaxed chat we have several regular activities for you. The emphasis is on enjoyment with a steady pace and routes using the best of the local lanes. Regulars range in age from 14 to 70+ and can offer enthusiasm and a wealth of cycling experience to both new and established riders.

You are most welcome to come and join us for a few trial rides ( max 3) and see if you like our rides before you apply for club membership.

The minimum age for a rider to attend a club ride is 14 and before they join a club ride, they must have had completed by their Parent or Guardian the clubs ‘Parent Consent Form (PCF)’ and submitted this Form to the club Chairman or Road Captain. This applies between the age Group 14 to 18 years.

The PCF can be downloaded from the following link: 22.4.19 C&CCC Parental Consent (updated)

With a child between the age of 14 and 18, attending for the first time, they will be assessed by a club representative speaking with their Parent or Guardian to assess their riding ability, experience and competancy. It is recommended that they both ride in the lowest speed road group on the day (normally average 14 mph), from then feedback will determine future rides.

With Adults attending for the first time, then a club representative will speak with them to assess their riding ability, experience and competancy. It is likely that they will start on either a 14 or 16 mph average speed group, from then feedback will determine future rides.

You are most welcome to come and join us for a maximum of 3 rides, before you apply to become a club member.

Note: We currently do NOT allow the use of electric bikes for group rides, though we continue to review this policy on a regular basis. Electric bikes are however, permitted on MTB bikes (within certain defined performance limitations and criteria), with the prior consent of the ride leader. Please contact the MTB Captain for details.

Saturday Rides

Leaving from Pittville Pump Rooms. See Calendar for destination and links to route details.

We have a number of set routes that we alternate between hilly and flat weeks, visiting a good range of cafe destinations. The cafe stop is typically during the middle of the ride, arriving around 11.00 am, for a break of 20 – 30 minutes. The aim is to return to Cheltenham between 12.30 – 1.00 pm, depending on the group pace and distance you have chosen.

There are several groups to choose from on the day ranging from 14 mph – to 20mph average speeds, and covering 30 to 45 miles.  Any variations on what people find ‘comfortable’ will usually show up most on hills so we have an understanding that we each go up at our own pace and regroup at the top for a breather before moving on.

The 18mph groups and back must wait for any dropped riders in their group, the 19 & 20 mph ride leader can chose to let a ridder drop back to the group behind if appropriate.

We always recommend starting in a group behind where you believe your current ability level is to enable you to pick up the group riding etiquette.

If you are struggling on the day (we have all been their) please consider dropping back to the group behind rather than holding up the group you are with. Inform the ride leader you are dropping back before you do so.

As with all our rides it is a good idea to bring a spare tube, pump, and tools to deal with minor mechanicals.  During the wetter, colder months of the year, we ask you fit a good, long set of  mudguards. The aim of the mudguards it not just to protest you but limit the spray to the rider behind.  The cafes never appreciate us turning up with mud splattered up our back!

Sunday Rides

From April through to the end of October the club runs 3 rides each Sunday, departing from Pittville Pump Rooms at 8:30 am & 9:00 am.

Club Ride : This leaves at 9am and will average 16mph over around 50 miles, there is a café stop  halfway.

Inter Ride : This leaves at 9am and will average 17mph over around 55 miles there is a café stop  halfway.

Sportive : This leaves at 8.30am and will average 18+ mph over around 65 miles with a café stop halfway.

During the winter months (November to March) the sportive is replaced with run our Classic Winter Training rides

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