Ride Leaders

If you feel  you can help out to lead one of our rides, please click here and put your name against a date/ride. Most of the routes are available to view before you commit. There is usually an experienced rider on most rides who will be able to back you up if you are apprehensive about taking a group out on your first few times. By volunteering, you are helping to keep the rides going and therefore put something back into the club.

Guidance for ride leaders

  • Introduce yourself, identify first timers and/or non-members and outline the ride for them.  Ensure that they are comfortable with the intended pace and parcours.
  • Know how many are in the group before you start, appoint a tail ender if more than 8.  We recommend that you consider splitting the group if more than 12 and the absolute maximum in a group should be 16.
  • Start at a steady pace out of town, keep checking the back of the group and only build up to the target average once on open roads.
  • Encourage communication through the group, signalling, calling and pointing.
  • Wait at EVERY junction and hilltop until the whole group has arrived AND is ready top go again.
  • Know where you are going, preferably not relying on sat nav. Use published maps and street view to recognise landmarks.
  • DON’T DROP ANYONE unless it has been mutually agreed either on the ride or at the start. Riders only leave the group by arrangement/agreement.

Guidance for tail enders

  • Stay at or towards the back of the group, stay alert for anyone dropping off, mechanicals and traffic behind.
  • CALL OUT as soon as any of these occur and ensure the message gets to the ride leader.
  • “EASY UP” or “OFF THE BACK” for gaps or dropped riders.
  • “PUNCTURE” or “MECHANICAL” etc., for mechanicals.
  • “CAR UP” (behind) for traffic.
  • “SINGLE OUT” if the road or traffic conditions make passing two abreast impractical.
  • DON’T DROP ANYONE. Wait for and help pace back any riders off the back.
Upcoming Events

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