Ride Etiquette – OLD

C&CCC have an informative, relevant and encouraging ride etiquette, that covers both road and off road riding, from which details are provided below:

The basics for group riding on the road (including signalling and calling out)
  • As of 12.05.20 the clubs new ride etiquette document for both Road and Off Road riding is now provided here: C&CCC Ride Etiquette (Final)
  • Any accident involving a rider or third party must be reported, via completion of an Incident Report from the clubs website. This report can be filled in by any rider witnessing the incident, should the ride leader not witness or be available: www.cheltenhamandcounty.cc/members/incident-report/

For further information on cycle etiquette and best practice, please follow this link to the British Cycling Website:


Bike maintenance and safety

The wearing of a good quality helmet is strongly recommended when riding in groups.  In addition, we also advise riders to ensure that they have taken out Third Party Liability Insurance, as no such insurance is provided by the club for ordinary club members, other than if a club member is leading the group or acting on behalf of the club in a designated role. This insurance is generally purchased from British Cycling or Cycling UK.

Ensure your bike is well maintained and road worthy and during the Autumn/Winter periods, we require riders to fit mudguards and lights.  Please check brake pads and tyres regularly for signs of wear and that they have the recommended tyre pressure before setting off.  If you are unsure about the safety of your bike, don’t be afraid to ask a ride leader for some informal advice but this is no substitute for having it properly serviced by a qualified mechanic at your local bike shop (club membership gets you some worthwhile discounts in many of the local shops).

Finally, please ensure that you bring essentials with you such as inner tubes and the basic tools (tyre levers and a pump).  A mobile phone is also recommended, as is some simple food/drink and money. With the rising popularity of mapping devices like Garmin, it is now easier to download and follow routes. You should not however, rely on this as your only means of getting home. You should check out the route before you ride so you have a rough idea where you are going and make sure you have the latest version, as they are updated to reflect the road conditions.

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