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Results from the Clubs AGM held 13.11.19

On behalf of the clubs elected Officers, we wish to welcome the following new members to the Committee, and welcome their support and assistance for the new 2019 / 20 term:

  1. Tony Payne – Road Captain

  2. Simon Boswell – Route Meister (assist the road captain)

  3. Steve Smith – Without Portfolio

  4. Simon Boswell – Webmaster

This AGM was also very important for the club, as the remaining 7 Resolutions were Passed by the attending members to now complete the process of changing the legal status of the club from a ‘Non Incorporated Entity’ to an ‘Incorporated Entity’, and will be called Cheltenham & County Cycling Club Limited (Limited by Guarantee).  This transition will now commence and the current club will be dissolved by the 31st January 2020. However, the club members have allowed the new company to use its name for general day to day activities.

This is a major milestone in this clubs history and I would like to thank everyone involved in making this process happen and for the club members trusting us to ‘Get the job done’!

Gary Rickards

Club Secretary

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