Interested in a subsidised cycle coaching course?

C&CCC Cycle Coaching Series 2020

We are delighted to offer the opportunity for our club members, both male and female, to take part in a series of coaching sessions during the spring and summer months beginning on 21st April 2020.

Expressions of interest sought at this time. Full details to follow.

We are planning to run two courses of 4 sessions, tailored to the needs of club riders. The sessions will be run by three very experienced British Cycling-accredited coaches: Nick Yarworth, Heidi Blunden and Nicky Harverson.

The club will be subsidising the cost of the courses, so these represent excellent opportunities to improve your cycling skills in a safe environment.

To ensure that we can offer these fantastic courses to the club, we need a minimum of 25 attendees, so we need to gauge interest before we commit.

Please contact Sally Reid ( by the 8th March. It would also be very helpful if you could fill in the survey below to identify what skills you want to focus on.


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Results from Hill Climb Event held 27th August

Well the rain cleared as forecast and we had 7 hardy riders turn up for our last hill climb event. James Driver (club day member) was the first over the line in a time of 4:30 secs and with his 10 points gained, won the overall competition. 2nd over the line was Jordan Wintle in 4:33 secs followed by Ed Arnold on his single speed bike, from Stroud. It was good to see Gareth Cook who recently joined our club, and has been doing some impressive times over numerous events.
It was great to see Natalie Jenks again but she just missed out on her course record, but did an impressive time of 5:18 secs. Well done everyone and our thanks go to our time keepers Martin McGreary & Don Muir for an excellent job and the club wish to thank them for all their support thoughout this short season. So that is it now, though we have not been able to run many events, we have seen course records broken in both the TT series and hill climbs along with a number of PB’s.

To view the events results and the results table, please go to the TT pages or click on the following link for the race report:



Gary Rickards

TT Captain

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Results from Hill Climb Event held 25th August

Well though we only had 5 hardy riders turn up this evening, there were some excellent times, even with the blustery wind conditions. Our Day Member, James Driver was 1st over the line in 3:03 sec (this would have been a course record 2 years ago), followed by our talented Dan Letherbarrow in 3:09 secs. Ed Arnold made the effort to drive over from Stroud to attend our event for the first time, and did an excellent time of 3:23 secs while riding a fixed wheel bike! Natalie Jenks just missed out on beating her last years course record, finishing in 3:54 sec.

For the full race report, please go to our TT pages for the results and leaders table. Please follow the following link for the event results:

Our last hill climb event will be held this Thursday at Corndean Lane and the weather forecast looks reasonable with SSE winds of just 6 mph, so lets hope we get back to normal attendance levels and see if any course records can be broken.

Our thanks go to our time keepers Mike Wake and Martin McGreary as without their support we could not run this event.


Gary Rickards

TT Captain


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Results from Hill Climb Event held 20th August

Well at this event we had 12 riders turn up and 2 of them were under the course record set last year at 2.54 secs by our Jacob Hardy! Ben Stockdale from Cotswold Cycles Trek was first across the line in a blistering time of 2:48 secs, Wow! It was great to see Natalie Jenks turn up and she was just outside her last years course record with a great time of 3:55 secs, but she hopes to improve on this time next Tuesday when we return to the course again. Her course record time is set at 3:52 secs. For the full event results, please visit the TT Pages and League table page. Please click on the following link for the results:

Our thanks go to our time keepers for this evening, being Laura Finucane and Don Muir, as without their help we could not run this event.

Well done everyone, and lets see what course records are smashed next week!!

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Results from Hill Climb Event held 18th August

Well we managed to pull this hill climb event off within 48 hour notice, and it was good to see 9 hardy riders turned up to do this VO2 Max session! We kick off with a course record with the highly talented Mike Skidmore knocking 10 secs off the previous record set back in 1997 in an amazing time of 4:09 secs, and that is after doing the National 100 TT Championships last Sunday! 2nd was George Sheppard in an excellent time of 4:25 secs. It was good to see Toby Dobbs who was 3rd in 4:32 secs, closely followed by Jordan Wintle in 4:35 secs. Jon Mansfield turned up with his ongoing shoulder injury, but he still managed a respectable time of 5:33 secs closely followed by our Simon Worsley in 5:49 secs, who had rushed across to attend the event after breaking off from a club chain gang ride.

Our thanks go to our time keepers for the evening Doug Gale and Martin McGreary and our next event is this Thursday over at Salters Hill. Well done everyone.

To view the results and the points table please go to the clubs TT pages or click on the following link for the results:

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

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C&CCC Forthcoming Hill Climb Series to now include 4 Events

Our 2020 Hill Climb Series will now include FOUR hill climbs, and we will be using the Salters Hill Climb (UCHS) and the Corndean Lane Hill Climb (UCHC), which details are as follows:

18th & 27th August – Corndean Lane Hill Climb (UCHC)

Start by signpost at foot of Corndean Lane (Winchcombe) (GR SP018277). Finish at top of Corndean hill by parking layby after left bend.
HQ:In the layby at foot of Corndean Lane. Sign on from 18:15 – 18:50 hrs
Notes:Course record is 4:16 secs. Mike Skidmore 15 August 2019. Female time 5:13 secs. Natalie Jenks on the 15th August 2019
Distance: 1.0 mile

20th & 25th August – Salters Hill Climb (UCHS)

Start above first cattle grid on Salters Lane (Near Hailes Abbey, Winchcombe). Finish just level with second cattle grid, just before the gate at top of hill.
HQ:Near lower cattle grid. Sign on from 18:15 – 18:50 hrs
Notes:Course record is 2:54 secs set by Jacob Hardy on 22.08.19. Female record holder is Natalie Jenks at 3:52 secs on 22.08.19
Distance: 0.6 miles

Please remember that the Covid-19 safe procedures document must be read and followed by all riders and officials involved in these events. Please read and follow the attached document: 16.08.20 C&CCC Covid-19 safe requirements for club TT Hill Climb events. (Final)

Gary Rickards

TT Captain


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Club TT Event Results held Thursday 13th August and presentation of prize money

Wow what an evening of memorable racing last night. The course record was smashed by 13 secs to 19:49 secs by the remarkable Jonathan Shubert, followed by a PB for Ross Holland in 20:17 secs and a further PB from our Harry Walton in 20:40 secs. Lindsey Lyes took 1st place in the women’s section in a very good time of 23:48 secs. I am pleased to also confirm that our Ellie Mackman will hold the course record this season in a time of 23:43 secs from her 6th August event attendance.

We had 37 riders sign on for this event and should you wish to view the results, Division results, Standards and Scratch results, then please go to our TT pages. To view the results from this event and the race report, please also click on the following link:


I wish to thank our Time Keepers Mike Wake and Bill Olver along with our Marshal for the evening Gary Potts, as without their help and support, we could not run this event.

As advised earlier this week, as we could not have our usual prize giving ceremony at the end of the season, I had to speculate on the top 3 within each Division.  I was close, but due to one person getting a puncture and another turning up unexpectantly, there are some mimor changes so the final results are listed below:

Club TT Prize Money Awards per Division

1st £15. 2nd £10. 3rd £5

Division A

1st Harry Walton

2nd Jonathan Shubert

3rd Ross Holland

Division B

1st Stuart Harvey

2nd David Taylor

3rd Julian Bullas

Division C

1st Neil Dooley

2nd Vickie Wilkinson

3rd Sheldon Fry

Division D

1st Graham Steer

2nd Paul Willis

3rd John Tompkins

Division E

1st Elizabeth Afseth

2nd Rachel Green

3rd Nigel Baker

Bonus Prize Money

Due to the improved attendance of women participation in this short series of TT events, there have been two sub 24 minute riders who the club wish to recognize and these are:

  • Lindsey Lyes to receive £10
  • Ellie Mackman to receive £10

Congratulations everyone, it has been an excellent short series, with course records, PB’s and many personal achievements recognised. It has been great to see a lot more support of our TT events by women, and this is also now recognised by the club recording any course record times now going forward.

I wish to thank everyone involved for their support, enthusiasm to still race within the Covid-19 safe guidance. This guidance  will still now need to be followed where practical, for our two forthcoming two hill climb events on the 20th and 27th August. Details will be added to the TT pages shortly and I hope to receive details from Velo Vitesse regarding their two hosted events pencilled in for the 18th and 25th August.

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

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Club TT Event held Thursday 6/08/20 – Results

There was an excellent turn out again of 48 riders of which 12 riders were women, which was great to see. The course record was broken by 1 second in a remarkable time of 20:02 secs by Jonathan Shubert with 2nd place going to Sean Townsend in an exceptionally quick time of 20:34 secs. For the women our Ellie Mackman was 1st over the line in an impressive time of 23:43 secs, closely followed by Lindsey Lyes in 23:46 secs. For the full report please go to our TT pages or click on the following link:

We wish to thank out time keepers Martin McGreary and Doug Gale along with our Marshal Adrian Neeves, as without their help, we could not run this event.

Sadly our last TT event for this season (before the hill climb series) will be held on Thursday 13th August from 18:00 hrs at Orchard Industrial Estate again. However, please remember to return your race number to the TT Captain (by his car) as two riders went off with them last night, and everyone who rides in the TT event MUST have a working rear light fitted, otherwise they will be eliminated from the race. This is CTT rules not ours.

Due to Covid-19 safe procedures, we are unable to have a gathering for presentation of the Division winners and therefore, propose to provide the cash winnings after the qualifying person has signed on for this last event.  A list will be provided shortly and if anyone listed cannot attend the event, then please contact me so I can arrange a BACS transfer payment.

Well done everyone.


Gary Rickards

TT Captain


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CTT / RTTC National 100 mile Time Trial Championships

The club would like to support this event, and ask if two club members would be willing to help Marshal a roundabout just outside Cirencester.  We have also circulated an internal message to all our members regarding this event. The details are provided below:

CTT / RTTC National 100 mile Time Trial Championship

The event is the CTT/RTTC National 100 mile time trial championship to be held on the morning of Sunday 16 thAugust on the roads between Wootton Basset, Malmesbury, Tetbury and Cirencester. We are looking for two marshals to be on the turn roundabout on the outskirts of Cirencester. That is the roundabout at the junction of the A433 Tetbury road and A419 Stroud road.

This roundabout is used twice in the 100 miles, once at 41 miles and again at 77 miles, so assuming a shade under 25mph from the first rider starting at 06:11am, they would be through there just before 08:00am. Last rider starts at 08:30am so assuming 25mph will be through that roundabout for the second time at around 11:35 am. It therefore, means a commitment from the marshals to be in place from say 07:45am until perhaps 11:45 am.

Harry Walton, Mike Skidmore and myself have entered as a C & CCC team, so the Club already has an interest in this prestigious event.

Would it be possible to please put something out on the clubs website and / or newsletter asking for two club volunteer’s. The event secretary is Peter Rogers and he or I would happily provide further guidance if anyone who is less experienced at Marshalling wish to have a go but are unsure as to exactly what is required.

Details of the event can be found here :-

The Event Secretary is Peter Rogers:

Kind regards,

Charles Zanettacci  | Senior Product Development Engineer

TEL:   +44 (0)1242 534854


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Club TT Results held 30.07.20

Another good turn out with 36 riders trying to improve their times from last week. Though the weather was nice and warm only a few riders improved on their previous times, but they have two more TT events for them to achieve PB’s or beat their previous times. We thank our time keepers for the evening Don Muir and Doug Gale and our Marshal Richard Griffiths, as without their support we could not run this event.

Well done everyone and hope to see you all for the remaining two TT events before the hill climb series starts. To see tonight’s results please go to our TT pages or follow the below link:

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

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Results from club TT event held 23.07.20

Another well attended TT event was held this evening with some excellent times achieved. Jonathan Shubert took the honours this evening for male riders in a cracking time of 20:03 secs,setting a new course record (had been held by Richard Prebble on the 4.05.95 at 20:14 secs).  While Lindsey Lyes won the women’s section in a great time of 23:44 secs, closely followed by our Ellie Mackman in a time of 23:45 secs, and that is after her getting her first TT bike earlier this week, with just one ride on it, before this event! 40 riders attended, though we unfortunately had two having to withdraw due to mechanical problems.

Our thanks go out to our Two Time Keepers Mike Wade and Bill Olver and Martin Cain (Club Chairman) who did a great job, as without their help we could not run this event.

For the full report and results, please go to the clubs TT pages or follow the following link:

Our next TT Event will be held next Thursday evening on the 30th July, with sign on from 18.00 hrs at Orchard Industrial Estate. Hopefully see you all then and lets see what time improvements there will be!

Gary Rickards

TT Captain


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