Mobility and Conditioning Exercises

Has lockdown helped or hindered your physical activity?

Improving your mobility is critical for healthy cycling. With this in mind, the club have secured an initial program of mobility & conditioning exercise videos created by Thomas Rutter for your use.

They are geared specifically for cyclists. They will take you through massage, stretching and conditioning exercises, which will help balance muscles for the prevention of injury and help improve your cycling performance. They are structured, so you can use them at home, and they will really help with your flexibility on and off the bike. A number of members already use these exercises under guidance from Thomas and highly recommend them.

If you have questions, then Thomas would be willing to have an initial chat with you, to discuss the video content, subject to mutual availability. Please contact him on Facebook or via

We list below these videos and guidance notes produced by Thomas , so just click on them to access them or download:

Mobility and Conditioning Exercise Guidance notes from Tommy Rutter

1 Foam Roll Thoracic Spine

2 Foam Roll Glute Medius

3 Foam Roll TFL

4 Foam Roll Quadraceps

5 Foam Roll Hamstrings

6 Inch Worm Complex

7 Thoracic Windmills

8 Cat Camels

9 Iron Cross

10 Creepy Crawlies

11 90:90 Hips

12 Quadruped Superman

13 Straight Leg 45 Hamstring Extension

14 90 Cobras

15 Mini Band Monster Walks

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