Club Membership

New For 2019 / 2020 Membership

From 2020 onwards Cheltenham & County Cycle Club is intended to cease as a named club and all members are to apply to join a new Company called Cheltenham & County Cycle Club Limited, which is a Company Limited by Guarantee.

New members need to apply through the British Cycling Portal,

To become a new member of this Company, you need to agree to be bound by the provisions of the Company’s Articles of Association and Club Rules  / By-laws from the below attachment and link:

To reference the Articles of Association, please download the following attachment: C&CCC Ltd AOA (Registered)

To reference the Club Rules, please click on the following link:

In addition members joining the Company need to agree to Guarantee the debts of the Company up to a maximum amount of £1, if the Company is wound up, while being a member and for a period of up to 12 months after the members membership ends.

Members also authorise the Company to register their name on the Companies register of members.

Once this has been done, then we will consider welcoming you as a member of this Company (referenced on this website as a ‘Club’), and this will be confirmed back to you  via our Membership Secretary.

The benefits of becoming a member of the Cheltenham & County Cycling Club include:

  • Legal personal liability limitation due to the club having an ‘Incorporated’ entity (from 2019 / 2020 renewal).
  • High quality clothing in club colours at subsidised prices;
  • Information and advice on all aspects of cycling;
  • Affiliation to the major cycling organisations and other cycling related groups;
  • Friendly leisure riding and the support of team mates in competitions.
  • Promotional Material and complementary courses to improve your cycling related skills
  • Social activities

Membership Rates for 2018/9

Senior Member (18-65) – £15.00
Veteran Membership (65 & Over) – £10.00
Junior Membership (16 & 17) – £5.00
Under 16 Membership – £5.00
Under 16 Temp Rider (for those who may need an assessment period) – £1.00
Family Membership (Partner and/or Child of Senior Member) – £20.00

Club members are the life blood of our club. With that in mind, we encourage all club members to volunteer at one or two of the many events we hold each year, be it helping with the signing on process at Road Race or CX events, marshalling or distributing course signage, anything you can do to help share the load is appreciated and is a great way to meet other club members. Due to the importance of your help we offer to pay £10 towards your costs associated with helping at an event we are organising (this does not apply to the TT Series).

Please note that all members who partake in our club cycling activities will be expected to comply with the appropriate Ride Etiquette, either Road or MTB.  In addition, all members who are under 18 years old will need to ensure that a parental consent form is completed (which will be available from the Membership Secretary on application to join).

Please note that the minimum age for children on any C&CCC ride / event is 14.  Young riders aged 14 to 17 may participate but must be accompanied on a ride and they must be a club member.  Parental permission is also required along with a signed Parental Consent Form received from our Membership Secretary. 

A ride leader may still decide that, prior to a ride starting, that an accompanied young rider cannot participate in a particular group ride / event, so parents should plan for this possible outcome, though a  rare event.