Golden Segment Challenge

Stuck in a rut? Looking to spice up your rides? Then the C&CCC Golden Segment Challenge is for you!

Golden Segment Device

This is how it works:

  • Every month C&CCC will nominate a Golden Segment on Strava. We’ll publish details on our News Feed, on Facebook and on Strava itself.
  • Ride the segment. Record it on Strava (*). After all, if it ain’t on Strava, it didn’t happen.
  • All riders who complete the segment will be entered into our monthly Prize Draw for something small (**).

For full details about segments past and present access our C&CCC Strava spreadsheet here.

Challenge your friends! Wait for a tailwind if you want! But get out and ride!

For more details, please contact the route planner –

Please note:

(*) You need to be a member of C&CCC on Strava to participate. The Strava group is open to club members only. (**) exact prizes to be decided. Will probably be a club buff, cap or arm / leg warmers. Might be something else.

(***) Additional note about the C&CCC Strava spreadsheet. Daily leaderboards are extracted for all club members by age group. If your profile does not give your age, then you will not appear on the leaderboard! Similarly, if you take a very large group of club members of your age through the segment on the same day, then there’s a chance your time won’t get registered. Please notify me if there are any issues and I will add you to the list manually.