TT League Qualifying Winners

Well done everyone for competing and supporting this years TT Series, which has been very challenging due to road works, but we have not had to cancel an event and we have winners from each of the 4 Divisions.  These being:

Division 1: 1st Graham Wilson. 2nd Gary Rickards. 3rd Jonathan Gould.

Divison 2: 1st Rob Turner. 2nd Stuart Harvey. 3rd Richard Griffiths

Division 3: Joint 1st Tim Besien & Graham Steer. 3rd Colin Rice

Division 4: 1st Anthony Ballinger. 2nd Rachel Green.

NB. Both Chris Udall and Mark Zikking, never helped at an event, so do not qualify, though placed in their respective Leagues.

Presentation of Prize money (1st £40. 2nd £30. 3rd £15 & joint 1st £35) will be at the Hewlett Pub after the Aggs Hill climb event. We should be gathering from about 20:00 hrs.

Lets hope next season is less challenging with finding courses to race on!!

I would also like to thank Graham Steer, who has helped me behind the scenes from the start and for doing an excellent job getting the commentary and results posted on the website quickly and efficiently.

Gary Rickards

TT Captain

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