Sunday Road Rides

Sunday May 20th will see the start of a new “intermediate” club run, which is aimed to fit in between the two current Sunday road rides. The new intermediate club run offers a ride of 40-55 miles (as a guide 16-18mph), with a few simple etiquettes that everyone stays together, regroups at top of every hill, the ride will always have a cafe stop, last 3-4 hours, and arrive back in Cheltenham by 12.30-1pm. As always, the more leaders to share the workload the better, so if you would be willing to be added to the leaders rota for this ride then please email Tim Sluman at ‘’ or contact him via the club Facebook page.

To clarify, the ride names we now have are:

  • The existing club run (~60-70 miles at ~16 mph), which will now be referred to as the “Social” club run, as it often is already.
  • The new “Intermediate” club run (~40-55 miles at 16-18 mph), which hopefully will be no less social than the existing ride.
  • The “Sportive” Ride, which will remain as it is (60-70 miles at 19-20+ mph, usually led by Nigel).


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