C&CCC Annual Awards, 2017

Just a quick note to thank everyone for making last night’s club Xmas bash so enjoyable, another job well done by Laura!  It was great to see Harry out front and leading a hungry peleton once again…as the huge pile of food completely vanished with only empty plates left within minutes!  The full list of the annual awards can now be found on our Membership Awards page here.  The list of names reflects another fantastic year of achievement by riders in the club so a big “Well done” to all those who gave it a go and pinned a number on.

The club’s recognition awards were divided into 3 categories, and it is fair to say that the bar was set very high this year by the many individuals who worked really hard to make the club the success it is (350 members at end of year).  In each of the 3 areas though, it is fair to say that the names listed really stood out and they fully deserve the recognition that the awards are intended to give:

  • MTB Trophy, For outstanding contribution to Mountain Biking in year.  Rich Preston
  • Ian Cowell Memorial Shield, Best overall contribution to Club Activities.  Dave Tucker
  • Ron Carlton Trophy, Most outstanding contribution to Group Rides (Road or MTB).  Nigel Woodcock

All the best and a Happy Christmas from the club team.

Ross Holland – Fastest 10 on a club course

Rachel Green – Fastest 10 and/or 25 TT by a female rider on a club course

Ross Holland – Fastest 25 by any member on a club course

Ross Holland – Based on handicaps in club 10 and 25 mile TTs

Jack Mundinano – Grimpeur Trophy

Rachel Green – Based on standards in clubs 10 and 25 mile TT’s for female

Alistair Hardy – Most improved TT rider

Gordon Smillie – Most Vets points in Western Cyclocross

Sam Smith – Most senior points in Western Cyclocross

Henry Johnson – Most Youth points in Western Cyclocross

Rich Preston – for contribution to MTBing in year

Rich Wiggers – Best MTB crash


Jeff Manner – Calamity Jane Award

Gary Potts – Fastest Protective Boot of the year

Dave Tucker – Best overall contribution to Club Activities

Nigel Woodcock – Most outstanding contribution to Group Rides

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