Any Club cyclists eager to get into print?

Well, this could be your lucky day and provide a great opportunity to see your words published.  Rest assured, there will be no financial remuneration to complicate matters with Cycling World also keen to set a nice tight deadline for you, just like a real journo!  So, if anyone fancies giving this a crack then ping Robin an email (usual Hotmail address or via the Club Contacts page), the mission (should you choose to accept it) will be:

Cycling World magazine is interested in you contributing to their next issue. They are looking for someone to write an article for them on cycling in Gloucestershire, taking in one or more of the best cycle routes that the county has to offer. They would love details on scenery, terrain, landmarks, history, places to stop, as well as anything else interesting and unique along the way.

The article would need to be 1500-2000 words and the deadline is the 24th April (although this can be extended a little by prior notice).

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