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Just a quick note to advise everyone that the latest club newsletter has been sent out via email so it should be in your inbox!


MEETINGS.  The new Committee met in December and agreed the timely publishing of the recent AGM minutes which are now visible to all on the club website (under the Membership tab…AGM link).  In a similar vein, the Committee will be publishing the minutes of the most recent Committee meeting (in the same web area).

RIDE ETIQUETTE.  One area for improvement agreed by the Committee was that of the unacceptable behaviour still exhibited by a very small minority on club rides.  Hence, as part of the drive to improve standards across the board, we have agreed a new initiative for helping to formalise some Group Riding training but we should all bear in mind that responsibility for courteous riding is something that starts with every one of us and is not reliant on anyone else at any time.

BUDGET.  A key matter agreed by the new committee was to continue the careful stewardship of the budget albeit with an aim for a cautious reduction of the balance over the next few years.

AWARDS/XMAS BASH.  A special mention must go to Harry Walton for winning the Ian Cowell Memorial Shield for services to the club.

SPANISH TRAVELS.  In the past the Club has organised cycling trips to Spain early season, with up to 18 members travelling on occasion.  Charles Zanettacci believes that there may be support for a similar trip in 2017.  If you are interested in joining the crew, want to get a few more details or able to help to make it happen, please speak to Charles directly or email Robin .

TOUR OF THE FLATLANDS (C7).  Club member Giles Mockford has pulled together a really interesting touring initiative.  The trip will be over 6 days from 02/09/2017 – 07/09/2017.  Members who are interested can obtain more information directly from Giles.

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